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Good day!

I have a question about the definition of a Direct Hit.
Against perfect riposte you get countered in a percentage of a Direct Hit. But what is it exactly?

I ask this because i seem to see that the first tile hits are riposted, but extra tile hits do not!? E.g. if I take 3 yellow tiles against riposte I get hit back. But if the board after the 3 yellows also activate 3 purple to the riposte , then my purple heroe does not get a counter hit?

Am I correct or am I mistaken?
Does this mean only the first “original” tiles are the Direct Hit?

I hope I make myself clear, not english native…

Cheers Michiel

Countering a direct hit means that it’ll not counterattack damage wich isn’t direct as damage over time or other counterattack damage.

Tile damage or autoattacks are always a direct hits.


That doesn’t sound correct, your purple hero should be getting countered back if their tiles hit a target with the riposte buff active.

The only direct attack exceptions that avoid counter-attack damage:

  • A Fighter hero that was KOd while tiles continue to hit the opponent with riposte, but their revive talent activated; during the in-between reviving invisible form they do not suffer any damage
  • Aemonna, the purple 4* ghost hero in her Ghost form. In this case, purple tiles hitting a hero with the riposte buff will attempt to counter-attack her, but she’ll avoid all damage thanks to Ghost form. On defense, even if she hits a hero with riposte using a regular slash attack, she still will ignore any counter-attack damage in Ghost form.

Thanks, I start to believe that I saw it wrong. I will pay attention closely, but I also tend to avoid riposte :wink:

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