Lioness Alliance

Come join us at Lioness. We are fun loving and easy going. We like to hit titans hard and fast. Currently on 2* and 3* titans. We have plenty of room and welcome any player who is dedicated and wanting learn with us and have fun. Alliance type open. 400 trophies required. Come check us out and stay for a while. All are welcome. :slight_smile:

Would your alliance wanna join with us? WorldPeaceTreaty has 20/30 members and I’ve spent the last month booting those who just stopped playing for a long time with no explanation. We are currently on a 4* titan but have taken down 5* before. It would totally increase all of our loot if we did. Thanks for you consideration and happy gaming!

I will run it by the members and let you know.

That’s great, thank you!

I spoke with my team and it was a unanimous vote to keep our alliance. Thank you for the offer, but I must respectfully decline.

Thank you for your consideration.

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