Top 10 E&P Life Hacks



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excellent, thank you!


Great tips. I didn’t know the one about locking the troops.


This was huge…I will put these to work asap


Thanks for an interesting video with loads of valuable tips. You saved the best for last in this one. I warmly recommend folks to take heed of lifehack no. 10.

That one is the big one. It’s what makes this game tick for me. You can do amazing things if you become a master at this. Some additional pointers for lifehack no. 10:

  • Practice makes perfect. Autofarming is nice, but you’re missing out on practice.
  • the most challenging place to apply this lifehack is fighting titans. Why? Because you’re performing under time pressure. That is why you need the practice.


Good point! Sometimes when I’m farming I actually try to form as many diamonds as I can as quickly as I can. That’s really helped me for events.


good stuff. I’ve got one addition:

Farming 7-7 deserves honorable mention as decent recruits and more rugged clothes if you love TC19; similar to why people do 5-8 for backpacks.