Lianna or Hatter

I know this is a weird , non compareable question. Currently have maxed Tarlak,GM,Alasie,Marjanna,GP,Joon.

Have enough to max 2 of either Drake,Lianna,Hatter, Alasie #2,Sartanna

I know the typical response is, do you want lianna for defence or hatter for offence ( liannas also great, probably even better offence). Tonics are really hard to come by so this is a tough decision, any suggestions?

I feel overall Lianna over Hatter. More lethal and punishing.

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Lianna to me has more utility, and as a cheap to play person, that means a heck of a lot to me.

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Right now I have way too many heroes that I will give tonics too.
Only have had 14 total, 12 given to Gregorion & Evelyn1.

Will give tonics in the following order for my own crew:

  1. Hatter (Most likely by June 2019)
  2. Kadilen Maybe end of 2019
  3. Evelyn2 (oh lord… no idea)
  4. Evelyn3 (heehehahaha late 2020?)
  5. Evelyn4 (2021-- if the game is still around0
  6. Horghall (as in… never…)

I have evelyn and elkanan (whos hardly worth mentioning) i feel like i know lianna is the right choice, Hatter thus far hasnt been given great reviews on the forums, was hoping that would change once hes out and used and start seeing him in the op players roster lol. But is looking like that probably wont happen. Still in search of a great tank, perhaps worth seeing if Atomos comes around in a few months (although not reviewed great either) . Have to be painfully patient in this game with those ascension mats. Thanks for the advice.

As I slow my spending down and speed up my impulse control… I am learning to be “at peace” with the heroes I have instead of awaiting new ones. S2 pull rates are abysmal.

You are NEVER going to regret ascending Lianna.

Hatter? You are hoping for enemy buffs. without them? He’s OK. Lianna might be a one-trick pony… but she’s a really, really good trick.

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Yeah lianna is the strongest sniper for sure so that makes sense…I think the Hatter would be awesome for raids but you have to pick buff heavy defenses but you’d fill that raid chest really fast. Ares, tarlak, Alby, guenivere, aeron…etc all just got lot easier to take out

I have similar dilemma as the OP.
Have 5 tonics. Whom to ascend among lianna, hatter, Morgan, Greg, eve#2 or wait for Jamaica Kingston town?

Currently maxed greens:
Alby +6, eve+6, tarlak +5, Hansel +14, buddy +5

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Lianna is the right fit for your team, you don’t have a lot of punch, to take out high threat targets, with what you have already and the eve + lianna combo will help quite a bit. Hatter is very cool, but you don’t really need another average speed green, especially if they aren’t designed as a killer (could maybe be convinced of Greg over lianna if you have like… 2 level 23 mana troops haha). I’m not considering Kingston here simply because he’s not out yet, but he would obviously be great as well.

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