Limit Break Hatter OR Lianna

cant decide between Hatter and classic Lianna for defense and offense

I’m more of an F2P and Hatter was my first ever nature 5*, until Lianna happened a few days back (after an year).

Hatter has 18 talents. Lianna would have 15 by next weekend.

2 Defense options: L to R

  1. Lianna - C.Rigard - Thorne - Poseidon - Azlar
  2. Hatter - C. Rigard - Thorne - Poseidon - Marjana

I’m thinking if I LB Lianna then I should LB Azlar … On the other hand if I choose Hatter then I LB Marjana… don’t wanna have 3 snipers on my defense ( don’t know why, doesn’t feel right )

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

I personally would go for Hatter, Liana is a great damage dealer but I feel hatter would have a lot more utility. I don’t know if there are other greens to consider or if you plan on pulling in the Challenge only portal in a few weeks or for Mother North and costume in December. But of those two, I would say hatter as he can affect the game in multiple ways.

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I’d go hatter. His relevance currently is huge with all the buffs to steal on defences. Whilst the stat boost would help Lianna stats wise to be closer to the newer uber snipers I don’t think it’s enough to put her ahead of the mad man.

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Thanks guys, appreciate the input. :slight_smile:

I recently only pulled C.Elkanen… but it would take an year to fully level up regular and the costume, considering I have no more tonics left… That goes for Mother N or any other potential green that I’m unlikely to pull anyway, lol.

So, Hatter it is then.

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