Which Hero to level next for my Defence Team

I have maxed Evelyn in my defence team currently, looking for next Green hero to level up. Got 6 tonics so only enough for 1. I have Liana, Morgan and Hatter waiting, looking for one to replace Eve in the defence team( I don’t care about raid offence and titan for this time, got other greens to work with), it’s all about defence, which one you think is better?

Another thing for the red colour, would you replace Marjana With Queen of Heart in the defence team like mine? My rainbow defence team is basically Guin + 4 fast hitters.

Evelyn will do wonder if paired with green sniper / attacker. So your answer is either lianna or hatter. Definitely morgan is not ur answer.

For me personally maybe will use hatter because of his secondary skill uniqueness stealing the buff (imagine stealing riposte, mana buff from enemies, he will be a game changer) . And also If u stack evelyn that can shoot 3 enemies and then hatter that also shoot 3 enemies it will be perfect to complimentary evelyn.

Queen of Heart also great and worth it to be maxed. Maybe guin tank will be obsolete someday and you should prepare another great tank. QoH is a good answer. In war if ur alliance use red tank, QoH definitely better than marjana as a tank

what bothers me is that Eve removes buffs from foe, so nothing left for hatter to steal, so I don’t think they are the best pair

Oh, u are right, didn’t realise about that

I would keep Evelyn for raid defense, when she hits her previous target she deals something like 600 damage.

For your attacks you would find Lianna more useful with the Evelyn/Lianna duo, the Mad Hatter would be your go-to choice when fighting buffing heroes while for your war defenses a Morgan in a corner could become problematic for attackers.

Id say to replace Marjana with a flanking Queen of Hearts, 3 fast heroes are enough to deals with attackers and the queen could work pretty well with Guinevere’s elemental defense buff.

Thanks for the reply. Seems I should start feeding QoH next instead of 2nd Marjana.
Also I was thinking, for defence wise only, Eve and Morgan, which one is better? I thought Morgan would be a little bit better, because the only reason if I will level up Morgan would be that, to replace Eve in the defence team.

Morgan will be very good for war defence due to field aid and limited use of opponent heroes on 2nd - 6th flags.

For general raids, since opponet can always use their primary team, morgan isn’t that scary

While flanking: Evelyn
In a corner: Morgan Le Fay

I have a similar dilemma, the other thing is Hatter is avg mana while lianna and eve are both fast.

I’d do eve left wing, lianna right wing… If open to a double green.

Good pair imho, Eve debuffs + brings green def down and Hattie steals from the other 3…

Eve, Hattie, Morgan and Lianna will be a great green stack.

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