Levelling heroes F2P

Hi everyone,
Before starting the question, I just want to say that I’m fully F2P and don’t put any euros into E&P

The fact is that I’m currently asking myself about how to faster upgrade the level of my heroes .
For 4* heroes , it takes me around 2/3 weeks of daily game (quest, titan , events) with a average 1/2 hours per day to reach the max lvl 4-70 .
For 5* heroes , in the same conditions as above, I reaching 1 month / 1 month and a half to only reach the 4-70 !! I don’t even started to try the grade up to 80 (I’ m lvl 35 btw) .
Due to the previous results, I can consider that it would takes me between 2 and 3 months to reach 5-80 …
Is it possible to make the Ascension faster or is it normal to waste such a long time in this process ?

It is possible to level up a hero for 1-3 days as FTP at later stage of the game. You should not pull any heroes from TC11 so as to save them for when you get a particular hero you want to ascend quickly. Also, you need to store recruits and food in TC20. In this way, if you haven’t pulled recruits for more than a month and have enough food, you can level up a 5* for up to 3 days.

But since you’re not at such a late stage of the game, you should do rainbow leveling. There are too many heroes you need to max before you can start concentrating on a single hero. It is much slower but more efficient. If there is a really good hero you want to max, you can give him/her all feeder heroes and switch back to rainbow leveling after that hero is maxed.
I’d recommend farming 8-7 so as to get more recruits.

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It is going to be a grind regardless of what heroes you are ascending.

What training camps are you using?

Best use of FTP time/effort is tc11, followed by tc2, then tc19 with tc1 a distant, distant 4th.

In Atlantis Rises, auto-play s2 6-9 for recruits-- for they are king.
When you have tons of food and recruits, tc19 is the fastest bang for your buck. Tc1 is next fastest, then tc2 and tc11 being the slowest (but most economical).

i Got 2 tc20 (often running on unless I haven’t got any recruits) and one tc7 which I am using as a tc3 for fast low levels.

Ok. TC7 is going to hurt you on resources and speed. 1 hour is too long for the cost. For reference-- most will agree that (unless you are in the advanced stages of the game and don’t care about waste) ALL elemental training is trash.

TC2 is best for uncommon chance & speed. If you want to burn swords, tc1.

If you want more heroes for your recruits-- always tc11.

if you want speed over food— tc19.

TC19, TC1, TC2 == Faster than TC11

TC20 is great to store food/recruits (some use tc12/tc13 for that but – no. you need the chance at the legendary.)

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Okay so focusing on TC2 . On the contrary of most mid level ( large scope from 25 to 40 i would say) , i got enought 5* heroes ( 1st gen but still 5* ) mut not enought recruits/low heroes to up them.
I’m tring to balance all of that, but it’s quite complicated to manage the whole…

Oh I feel you on having too many heroes to level, even season 1 heroes.

I am running 4*tc20 in an attempt to find a couple takers for my now 15 tabards (!)… meanwhile 40 heroes are craving food. (current project is Justice, whom I ascended out of apathy and is on the slowwww tier 4 crawl (~level 60 now)

What I often do when I want to level up a hero fast is this:

  1. Charge up 4 TC11 with a TON of heroes while I collect packs, rugged clothes
  2. Empty 1 TC11 and use up all packs
  3. Charge up all TC11 to build up recruits
  4. Empty 1 TC11 and use up all rugged clothes (TC19)
  5. Go back to Step 1.

It’s tried-and-true for me. The only variation I would do is replace one TC11 with a TC20 and have that running all the time as my recruit/food storage— because leveling heroes takes food. TC11 actually stores a decent amount of food, but TC20 is just more.


As a (sort of) F2P player myself I feel your pain. After 22 months I have 10 maxed 5*. I also have a bunch sitting at 3-70 but I don’t have the mats to ascend and I don’t have the desire (or commitment) to find an alliance hitting 11/12* titans. I like where I am, but 7/8* don’t drop mats as frequently.

I have one TC20 with almost 140 days backlog (and growing). The other three alternate between TC11 and TC19/TC2. Last Atlantis Rises I burned through 1000 packs and I still have over 3000 left.

I have been farming S2 15-9 for AR, maybe I need to try 6-9.

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