Leveling a 4th Blue hero for Grimforest


I thought of leveling a 4th 4* hero for Grimforest Challenge to improve my score.
I would like the hero to be useful also later, in as many situations as possible:

Option 1: Mirewave - that can “stack up” in the first 2 waves of each challenge step.

It sounds good for challenges - but according to what I read she doesn’t shine in Raids/Wars, and surely not with Titans. That’s a limitation, having a hero mainly for challenge events.


Option 2: Triton seems like a good hitter - but his special (+44% to healing) doesn’t seem very useful in many situations. It seems to be not that powerful + a bit too situational.


Option 3: Grimm seem to be the most accepted option in some discussions I’ve read.
Grim is sort of a “safe bet” as he highly recognized hero - but having two copies means redundant special. Isn’t it a big miss?

Also, Grimm served me well for a while, but since I got Wilbur (defense down) and Lianna (Strong hits) I find myself using him less and less often - and less impressed by him (in compare to those other heroes)

Any advice + reasonsing - will be appriciated!

i choose option 2. triton hard hitter for 4*

I have Triton & Grimm maxed. Also now MIreweave, but have only used MIreweave in a couple map stages to see how things work a bit.

I think that if you want the hero to be useful in as many situations as possible, that basically means a non-duplicate hero. If you want to bring Grimm, you’ll bring the Grimm with all the emblems.

Both Triton & Mireweave are Rangers, so no difference there.

I use Triton in every war, even when we are facing a team with green tanks. He snipes well, and the healing boost helps when you need to run a team that doesn’t have healers. I have used him against titans, and he’s fine there, depending on what else you have as options.

Mireweave is a hero that I think I will use in events, but it seems like her power is the slow build up to obiterating foes, which is less useful in Raids and Wars.

I lean towards Triton, due to knowing that he’s useful in other areas for sure, but admit Mireweave could be better


Yeah but two grimms is the way I’d go for a couple key reasons:

  1. high attack power
  2. defense downing special that hits 3 (3 mob enemies every wave).
    Having two Grimm doesn’t handicap you, esp if you’re going for speed. You can charge both and save ones special for the next wave, or double down and usually kill or seriously maim the mob enemies.
    Triton is solid but only hits one.
    Mire weave is interesting and I havent researched enough to proffer an opinion.
    I’d still most likely go with grimm.

Triton situational? I have him emblemed at +14 and I successfully take him to diamond raids. With Kirill he has an awesome synergy, you can decide if you prefer more healing (fire Triton first, than Kirill) or better attack (the other way around). And he deals a truly massive damage.


Event heroes are about racking up the damage quickly and grim has two main features to accomplish that goal.
Triton doesn’t provide a defense down or attack buff. And mireweave only buffs herself.
You’ll see some teams running 4 Grimm and a kiril.

I’d do Triton, Grimm 2, Mireweave in that order

I say that having 2 maxed Grimms, 1 maxed Triton, and 0 Mireweaves though

for 4*, I always take an all of the above approach. The materials are pretty easy to get – it’s not like 5* heroes where you have a real trade off to consider.

I would do Triton first though because he is very useful in buff booster 4* raid tournaments- his buff is exceptionally unique and stacks incredibly well with Gad- which nets them both a family defense boost.

One more thing to consider, there will only ever be 3 enemies on an Event level stage. Thus, mireweave s hit all advantage over grimm is lessened.
If you’re going solely for event purposes its grimm, but like other contributors have noted if you’re looking at multiple uses maybe eye Triton

I have triton unmaxed still, Mireweave is maxed but rarely used, and my grimm I use quite often.
The only dupe blue 4* I have maxed is Sonya and that’s mainly for war depth/going to max a 2nd costume. (Sonya is great war depth, even at the top end of competitiveness. She can take somewhat of a hit, deal some damage, fast mana, and will dispel).

I’m not familiar with Grimforest yet but this system will work for some of the challenges we face that only allows you to use a team once. Thanks

Her costume is the real star IMO since she’s currently the only FAST cleanser. Plus she has even higher def than Rigard which means she’ll usually survive long enough to cleanse your team once at least.

Costumed sonya is amazing, and is going to be mega helpful for newer players this grimforest.

so do you suggest leave all of the above, and level another Sonya?

I got a copy of her too - and I really use her very often.

I maintain my 2nd grimm stance for events, and for a little context I didnt level my 2nd sonya until recently and I’ve maxed plenty of heroes.
Overall, I’d take a 2nd sonya over mireweave or triton for general purposes. 2nd grimm for events and he has some general purposes as well.

nordri will be great even for epic. Better than any of the above options. Honestly, I’d replace wu kong with Gunnar costumed, too. Even though the def down is redundant with grimm, the spirit link is SO useful.

I use nordri for everything :wink: … although more so because it’s sort of funny getting so much value out of a 3* than anything else.

I agree but keeping Nordri alive will be the main issue even for epic tier. Gunnar with costume bonus has the def stat of a 4* at 3/60 so he might last a while, but Nordri not so much.

FWIW I plan on running Kiril-Sonya-Grimm and then either 2 yellows or 2 purples depending on the bosses. Yellow will be Mist+Li Xiu costume and purple will be 2 out of Dapper Rigard, (costume) Tibs, and Proteus depending on the specific stage.(last stage for sure Proteus, and probably Hansel stages too)

Not really. I’ve been using nordri and gunnar costume the past 2 challenge events in epic ranking top 500.

ideal blue epic team right now is probably nordri, kiril, grimm grimm grimm or nordri, kiril, gunnar costume, grimm, grimm.

Yes Triton! I have him and Grimm fully leveled and +20. For Grimm I chose to upgrade his attack, for Triton I focused for the most part (but not all) on upgrading defense. They now both are among my hardest hitters. And I use them with Rigard (dapper noble) or Boldtusk - I recently pulled Kiril, but he isn’t finished yet… With lowering defense (I also use Isarnia…) they are devastating ;).

As for Mireweave, I really like her potential, but it simply takes too long to become really dangerous and she’s a liability with her very low toughness. I never fear her when I encounter her during raid, war or tournament. So during events and map stages she can be absolutely fantastic (in the final wave), but for the rest she is quite useless…

And indeed Triton’s potential to enhance healing really does give him an extra edge if you have healers.