Come join Rise Against! Easy going alliance looking for members! 11-12* titans and we like to have fun!

we here at Rise Against are looking for 6-7 new members! Lvl 40+ players who enjoy a healthy mix of casual/serious gameplay, war optional, only requirements are use all flags in war if opted in, and hit the titan daily! Not being an a-hole is a plus! Haha come check us out!

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Me qnd a good friend of mine have been looking for a better alliance i am level 72 qnd he is 47 we are more competitive then our alliance we lose alot of wars with over 20 to 30 flags unused and i spend so its not even worth it for me to stay in there and i teach him alot but we are both looking if you still have openings

Do you cap your titans?

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Depends in the element and time it shows up, but usually 12* is where we are at, if a 13* rare shows up we will not let it go thats for sure, we will drop titan lvl down to 9-10* for the start of pov, which granted was better when pov was not monthly.

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