Leonidas or Kadilen

Hi guys need a opinion from someone, have been lucky /unlucky and had 2 5* in 2 days but they were Leonidas and Kadilen, don’t think they are the best heroes but have noticed that they improved Kadilen, not sure about Leonidas, don’t have any other 5* green or yellow but have Caedmon and Li Xiu, so my question is, is it worth to level them up? Please let me know what you all think. Thanks Tony

I consider both very useable heroes.

I have both maxed. Kad’s fast mana means these days I use her more often, but Leo’s 40% mana cut is amazing tactically speaking and the heal has on occation won me a raid I may otherwise have lost.

They ain’t flashy or fancy, but they are good heroes imo.


Kadilen has a costume, can be a green tank. Leo can surgically make an enemy hero lose 2-3 turns, and is somewhat tanky, with weak sniper damage.

Leo honestly has been more clutch than Kadilen for me.

I have a maxed Leonidas and I still use him in wars in a yellow stack. He is like a one man army, especially if he is the last one standing versus one of your enemy heroes. He hits, heals and cuts mana. If this is your first yellow 5 star, then he is definitely a good deal. Kadilen is also amazing. A fast mana AoE is great in both offense and defense. As @DBC mentioned, they are not flashy when compared to all the non-classic heroes, but they do their job very well :slight_smile:

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So I take it that it wasn’t really bad heroes, with Caedmon and Li Xiu which should I level 1st? Thanks guys for all the good help/information :slight_smile:

I’d go Caedmon over li… fast vs average. And caed’s debuff is very useful. :slight_smile:

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+1 vote for Caedmon over Li Xiu, for the reasons above.

Also: Caedmon is generally equally good on both offense and defense. Li Xiu is better on defense than offense. Caedmon is therefore more versatile.


And caed’s costume! Can’t wait to max it!!


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