Deleted post pls ignore

Deleted post. Please ignore it.

You do use something else besides game chat for communication ?

Our leader and several others use Line or Line lite but I haven’t installed it yet. Do you need to send me a PM?

No I was wondering to join or not

It’s not a requirement but people who want to use it do.

Hello all… i’m new here, and FOR The first time i Created alliance with name Titan’s Power and i have no Members… if is here Someone who wants to join in My alliance is good to come… thank you and good Luck At Game !

Better join an alliance dude. There you get all the help you need!:wink:

We still have some openings if anybody is interested.

How many stars do the titans your group are defeating have?

We are currently working on 5* titans.

We still have a few more openings if anybody is interested. :wink:

We should be back to 6* titans shortly.

We still have 3 more openings if anybody is interested. Being level 25 myself, I know how hard it is to fit in with alliances with players that are too high or too low. We have some high levels and some low levels but most of us are in levels 20±30+ so 5* and 6* titans are perfect - for now. :wink: