Kingston's skill question

Apologies if this is a repeat question, I have searched trying to find the answer prior to posting. From what I have read Kingstons skill only gives attack reduction over 5 hits.Athenas affect is different but similar and affects over 6 hits (from what I have read). I am just curious why it’s not stated in the skill definition and why it’s different.
A group member has mentioned Kingston is capped at 51% which I found interesting and would have otherwise not known unless it had been mentioned on the forums.

Athena’s special duration is 4 turns. It is stated on her hero card - at least in the english version.
Kingston’s special duration is x turns, which is also state on his english hero card.

As you correctly stated tho, there is maximum number so the def down or att down cannot be infinite. However, your hero can reach this maximum number in turn 1 already if enough tiles and/or heroes hit him.

It is indeed true that they are capped at a certain maximum (so is Khiona’s special for example) and that information is missing. If found it weird as well when I first found out. I wouldn’t mind if the max value was added. :slight_smile:


I had always assumed that Athena was infinate, I am level 56 and have only found out today looking into this she was not. Still amazing heros and would attempt to pull regardless.
It is something I would be curious about when new heros come with similar skills when I am on the fence about pulling.

I wasn’t surprised to learn it had a cap. If it was any higher, enemy attacks would be a sneeze.

For all the heroes that have a special skill similar to “with every hit their att/def decreases by X %” you can be sure there is a maximum. :smiley:

FYI: Here’s a summary of the different limits for each special type / hero:

  • Athena: -65% defense
  • Kingston: -51% attack
  • Khiona / Black Knight / others: +144% attack

Thanks @Aquaginera_7DD appreciated.