Killhare team

Hi All,

I am maxing now Killhare and would like to ask some toughts about team around her for offense and maybe def as well.

I have:
I am not sure which to use from them
Grazul +8
Jean Fr. +6

And for the rest 3 places I have:

C. Joon 18
Odin 18
Malosi 19
Guard Jackal 19

Kageburado 19
Jabberwock 18
Sartana 18
CB. Tiburtus 18
C. Rigard 18
Proteus 18

King Arthur 18
Fenrir 6
Magni 6
Snow White 18
C. Kiril 19
C. Sonya 19

Kingstone 18
Lady of the Lake 19
C. Melendor 19
C and CB. Caedmon 19
Jack O’Hare 18

Marjana 19
Khagan 18
CB. Boldtusk 18
Wilbur 16

For me C. Kiril looks good idea and than maybe Jabberwock, C. Joon, Kageburado, Kingstone for snipers, Jack O’Hare (10% attack bonus)

Thanks for the tips :wink:

On defense, place her on the right wing and you are all set.

On offense, it depends on your preferred attack set up, i.e. mono, 4-1, 3-2, etc. She is on average mana and can only fire in 9 tiles if supported by a level 23 mana troop or a level 17 mana troop if you emblem her opting for the mana node bonus. Caveat though, her self-ailment to allies is nasty, but can be neutralized if you have Vanda, Garnet, Jean Francois, etc.

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On defense : magni - jf - lotl - odin - killhare
On offense : just bring JF and Killhare or Grazul and killhare. Pick The last 3 spots based on your enemy tank

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