Killhare or Dr. Moreau?

I’ve been super lucky the past couple weeks with first pulling Killhare and now today Dr. Moreau. I’m currently sitting on 5 tabards so the question is who gets them?

My maxed purples are Seshat +19, costumed Sartana +7, Khiona, Freya +19, Alfrike +19 and Clarissa.

My current raid defence is Seshat, GM, Krampus, costumed kadilen and costumed Joon.

I have the emblems to max both Killhare and the doctor. Would either make my defence team?

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Go for the dark bunny.

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I vote Drake imposter

more opinions please Ive had the same luck and equal darks.

Tough call. Both excellent heroes and both can be used in defense. I don’t have the doctor, but I do have Killhare +20 and she has served me well. So my vote goes to the bunny.

I have the doctor maxed +20 and he is awesome, but the bunny is scarier.

I did bunny first, because I like ninja tower and events, soon I start with Moreau

+1 for Bunny, i’ve her at +20 full sword and she’s awesome both in offense and defense

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Another +1 for Bunny. She kills, hence her name is killhare

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Depends on what your purple attack team is and your mana troop situation. I’m a huge fan of being able to fire everybody in the same stack in 9 tiles, so if your purple stack already has one average speed hero, then you need at least another lv 17 mana troop to also fire Killhare in 9 tiles if you take the mana bonus node at +19. If your troops aren’t quite there yet I recommend leveling Moreau first instead. Yes Killhare is indeed great, but fast is fast and a leg up on average speed.

Also do note that KH gives your team a pretty nasty debuff, so if you use Killhare, you should at a minimum have some sort of defense dropper in your stack (cTibs, or more ideally Panther) so ensure you can kill several heroes at once. Nothing is worse than firing KH, only for all your opponents to still be standing with 100 or so HP ready to rip you a new one. Or better yet, if you have JF, you can turn Killhare’s debuff into a buff, otherwise Vanda/Grazul/Garnet can block her debuff as well.


There is a great synergy between killhare, rigard c, tiburtus c.
They are all average, because of the two costumes you only need one big mana troop for killhare, and two lvl 5 troops for rigard/tibs.
You get atk+, def down and the damage from bunny at the same speed, one of my favorite combos.

Otherwise I agree, killhare on her own can sometimes be a little disadvantage on offense, if you aren’t able to kill some of your opponents and receive the def down. Another good combination is with riposte heroes there you benefit from the def down.

In the end both are great heroes, I don’t think there is one wrong choice here.

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I don’t own Killhare, so I will tell for the Doc only.
He is simply a beast, a Drake Fong under steroids : far sturdier and he does more damages. Cherry on the cake, his blind resets if targets are healed + underwild gems. I use him as flank, with defensive path (because I also tried him as tank), and a makes a lot of damages. Can’t imagine what he can do with attack path.
In raid attack, I use him with Guardian Panther and C-Rigard. Not disappointed at all.

It is interesting to see how people think about this two hero. So, I create this poll for you.

  • Dr. Moreau
  • Killhare

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Poll should be on the top post. That way, all readers can vote and then subsequently post their opinions. Poll also does not get lost if it is on the very top.


If you want to have a poll, it can easily be done. Just edit your OP.

I’m sorry that I forget to make it link from the top post. I try to make it link but it doesn’t work. Now, there is nothing I can fix.

cTibs used to be in my purple stack until he was replaced by Panther. 4* even with CB at +20 just don’t have the same kind of survivability as 5*, and if they die prematurely it really messes up the synergy. That being said cTibs is in my secondary purple war stack, where he pairs extremely well with cRigs and Ursena and is particularly good against yellow flanks.

My primary purple stack is cRigs-Panther-Onyx-Moreau, and this team is good against pretty much any tank color, even purple as long as it’s not Kunchen or Bera. I mainly use this team against BK/Krampus defenses since there is a lot of dispelling ability in addition to offensive power.

Tibs is more sturdier then Panther

Yes,… that is what I do too.
I use both on my purple teams:
RigC - Panther - TibsC - Killhare+20 - Onyx/Ursena+20
Troop: lvl5 - crit - lvl5 - lvl17 - lvl11

Onyx almost does not use his skill at all, his high stats attack helps ofcourse.

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Panther is also at +18 going full def/HP, so Panther is sturdier by some margin. (801 def 1246 HP vs 774 def 1461 HP)

The other thing is because Panther is already fast, I can give her a crit troop to boost survivability even more, whereas cTibs I’m forced to give s mana troop to make the breakpoint for 9 tiles.

well, ok make sense if TibsC does not have full emblem.
My TibsC+20 is 828 def 1246 HP, more sturdier then Panther+18 def/hp. And my Panther is only at +3 currently.
But if I should choose one, I would choose Panther instead of Tiburtus, but I always bring both though.

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Both are good but it depends on where you put them.

Wing position goes to bunny.

Other positions go to DM.

Offense both are good depending how to want to use them.

I prefer bunny as she hits all. If you have Drake, DM is just similar.


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