First 5* purple to level?

So I finally got the last tabard I needed to be able to fully level my first 5* purple hero. At first it was going to be Kunchen, but now I pulled Seshat. I have both Kunchen and Khiona at 3/70, and currently leveling Seshat up. My current defense team is Mel, Li, Kunchen, Grimm, and Colen. For purples, I have maxed Cyprian and Proteus which I use interchangeably in raids, Titans etc. Question is, do I do Kunchen and keep him as my tank/secondary healer for defense, or should I go with one of the other two? Khiona doesn’t hit as hard or as fast mana gen as Seshat, but she does have the attack boost that might be more helpful overall than what Seshat would provide me. With how hard it is to get 5* mats I’m deciding this with the thought that I won’t get another 5* purple hero fully leveled so the purple hero I do decide on will need to be a versatile hero. I don’t really focus on any one part of the game than another, I like to raid more than fight titans, but I do participate in both. Thoughts? If it helps, my other heroes besides what I mentioned are:

Green: Hansel (4/70); Evelyn (3/70); Lianna (3/70): unleveled: Kashrek, Little John and Caidmon

Blue: Kiril (4/70); Unleveled: Valeria, Boril

Yellow: Wu Kong (4/70); Chao (4/70); unleveled Hu Tao

Red: Wilbur (4/70); Kelile (4/70); Gormek (4/70); unleveld Sumitomo and Scarlett

Purple: unleveled: Ameonna, Rigard, Tiburtus and Sabina

Finish Kunchen. You seem to be in need of healers.


Kuchen is my Center tank on raid Defense. And my only 5 star purple. He keeps me safely in 2.5K cup lvl range. I’ve also lost plenty of raids even 3 stacking yellow against him. His cleanse is so valuable during events too.

I don’t see healers. I Really like seshat but she has to wait. Kunchen is one of the best tank AND a healer. You def. Need him maxed.

Awesome, ty for the advise! Definitely feel more confident going with Kunchen now.

Casting my vote for Kunchen. Seeing as you are low on healers, he is a really good tank with healing. I have gone up against countless Kunchens since hitting the upper gold to low plat. I imagine he is in abundance in diamond.

Yes, he is very popular in diamond, and one of the few tanks (especially when emblemed to +7 or similar) that I habitually re roll. Excellent choice for your first tabards, OP

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Glad to hear it! I see all the comments about Seshat being great and a needed anti-Guin and it made me second guess my choices. I went ahead and ascended him…now just need to finish leveling him up :slight_smile: Now I just need 4 more tonics and a shield to do my green haha. Ugh, takes so long!

Another vote for Kunchen. Nothing beat the fun of having a sturdy tank and a healer + cleanser + def buff in a single package.
Hansel should take over Mel’s place.

I stack three blue(Kiril+15, Richard, Rumpelstiltskin or Grimm) against a team Guin, Kage, and GM and come out top on many ocassion.
The same line up still required a shoot from Lianna to finished off Kunchen though.

Always health over hit.
Cured hitters hit again.
Dead hitters don’t hit at all.



Kunchen is rapidly becoming recognized as the 2nd best tank in the game. Go with him. I say that as someone with 4 Seshat’s. Kunchen is better.

My opinion is go with Seshat. You have to think long term in this game. And offensive superstars is where it’s at when you hit the end game. Seshat is one of the best offensive/ defensive heroes in the ranger class ( one of the better emblem trees). Kutch is a decent tank no doubt about it and he’s good in lower diamond ( because most don’t have the offensive power to overwhelm him yet). But, once your up to 4K plus power he is “just” another tank that’s easily beat. So, if your focus is getting to the top then do Seshat… if it’s to have fun and muck around then kuch is probably the way to go

Another vote for Kunchen, for Raid Defense, Offense, War, and yellow Titans.

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