2nd Nordri or Costumed Karil

As the thread title, which of the two is better for events? I have already Gunner and his costume, Nordri, Chick Jr and Frosty maxed and emblemed. I am working on Karil after I fed mine in 2019 prior to costumed made widely known. I have a spare Nordri and I am now hesitating working on my Karil costume since it would be a waste of time, effort and resources.

2nd nordri could see play in “normal” events but also ninja tower and mythic titans too. Id go with that.

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You are right. A 2nd Nordri may be useful in NT and MT indeed due to his elemental defense debuff.

Ha !! Never thought that far as I was focused on the special events not reflecting blues. Costumed Karil may give me options to play his barbarian and Rogues sides, but him and the S3 dwarf share the same emblems. There can only be one.

To the revered mods, please close this thread. Thank you.

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