Kageburado or Lepiota?

Don’t have many purple 5*s, but I managed to pull kage and just now Lepiota… have the mats to fully ascend one. Trying to get a feel for who has more value, if you say one over the other, mind citing reasons? Thanks ahead of time!

They’re both very different, and good. Kage is a great sniper. Lepiota is great for deactivating one of the opposing team’s heroes. Which works better for you depends on your play style and bench. Kage is probably a bit better for defense imho. If you have Sartana or other purple snipers already, maybe you’ll have more fun with Lepiota.

It depends on who you already have in your roster and what hero skill you would benefit from most.
But for me I would go with Kageburado and you wouldn’t be disappointed.
Whichever hero you choose good luck

I absolutely loathe Kage. I pulled him when he first came out and haven’t used him since. He’s a sniper that can’t finish off his targets. He gets weaker the weaker they get. It makes NO sense. Lepiota will probably be somewhat niche, but her shutdown of a key hero for 4 turns seems like a cool new ability. I’d go with Lepi.

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I agree 100%!

Kage is only good on his first hit and even then doesn’t kill the opponent outright. His high attack (878 when fully emblemed) is good against titans with over 50% health (again that is situational) but in raids he is disappointing for me.

I think you will find Lepiota more fun to play with. The best thing to do is to try them out in raids or farming and see which one suits your style best.

Thanks all, I see what you mean about kage and will prob go with Lepiota. Appreciate the feedback!

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