Top 10 Epic Challenge Walk-Through

It was a long time coming, but finally got into the Top 10 of an Epic Monthly Challenge event—okay, right at #10, but still …

Placed 19th in Rare and 67th in Legendary.

As I have learned form watching others, I too would like to share my “process” to climbing to the top. I hope this helps you all improve your scores.


Great scores @JekylandHyde! Thanks again for another great contribution!

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My pleasure. Thank you.

Thank you so much for sharing your evolution in all the stages. I tried to do my best in the epic level but it wasn’t enough. Watching your video it seems so easy, but it isn’t. :sweat_smile:

Just a question:

Did you get all of those rare chests in the first attempt? It’s incredible not only getting one, but two in the same stage.

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lol, definitely not. This video is my highest scores on each level. It doesn’t show the hundreds of boards that were rejected or did not score as well.

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Good to know that. Otherwise, I would think that you are just the luckiest player in this game. :grin::rofl:

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Another great video!
Can you talk through using Shadereave on level 15 rather than Boldtusk like you did in the mid to late levels?
I have three guesses.
1 Shadereave has a higher attack stat
2 Crit + attack > BT’s attack buff
3 safeguard in case you died (doubt this one)

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Definitely not #3. If a hero dies, it is not a top score for sure.

The boss Levels 13-15 rely on tile damage and special damage. I was playing around with the crit + att to see it helped. BT only has the attack up, but does heal which helps the health score, but again, if we are playing fast health shouldn’t be an issue.