Just did a quick 942K Walk-Through Video for Epic in Avalon

I hope this video is helpful to some. This was just my first run through. I will be going back for better scores as I don’t think this will hold the top100.


How many points does it need to hold top 100?

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Not sure. Last month I had 1,013,XXX for 29th spot.

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This tracking the top scores in each event.


It means nothing but missing out on top 100 in epic by 1 place! :joy:

I did that run on Thursday and watched it slip from 28th and it was 98th with an hour to go…some people obviously left a top 10 run real late :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Sorry to see that. I left my legendary 49th in place until it slipped to near 60 and ran back up to 40. That held for Top 100.

Mine was epic so it didn’t mean anything. Would just have been nice to be in the leaderboard :joy:

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