Jump in the 'Indigo Tide'

Few spots available. Family friendly, working adults.

Let’s be real, we all want loot for our heroes. Best loot comes from team play. We focus on Titans and Wars. We don’t appreciate free loaders and expect our members to participate, especially if you choose to be on the field of battle for wars.

We love to discuss strategies and share pics of teams. It helps by expanding the entire groups knowledge of the game and it’s heroes. We have a fair amount of veteran players to lean on if you need a little advice or if you just have some general game related questions.

Watch out for the humor, we do like to be goofy and try not to get stressed out by a game, although the boards that work against us can evoke a grump butt from time to time, but we get over it, haha

Wanna have fun? Wanna make some friends with people all over the States? Want some better loot than you are getting now?

What are you waiting for? Jump on in…the waters fine!

No requirements for chatting. We have a FB group page and a group messenger chat set up for those that want to use it. If you chose not to join the chat/group page you could miss out on valuable information. We update the featured message to pass along key bits of information, but it cannot go into the details like the chat group.

Don’t be shy, bring a couple friends.

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