Ride the 'Indigo Tide'

4 spots available!

We only ask that you respect all players in and out of the alliance, hit the titans daily, and use ALL 6 flags if you opt in the war.

Pretty simple really. We have a charter that outlines all the ins and outs of the alliance’s expectations which includes war strategies & common Titan builds with key components to constructing successful high damage output Titan teams. We cover consequences for not following through with the expectations that are outlined. We are semi-casual, so it’s not just 1 strike and your out, we all have real life to deal with after-all.

Minimum requirements are 1800 cups and the alliance is currently open to anyone who meets the minimum and wants to check us out.

Indigo Tide uses a couple different chat apps out of game for those that like to banter and show off rosters, or to ask leadership questions when you cannot find them in game when you need them.

Hope to see you soon!

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