Indigo Tide - Open Spots

Active Titan and War alliance!!

All we play daily, use FB messenger as an extra chat method. We are looking for members that are looking to stay with an alliance and grow. We support each other with game strategy and personal goals. We are starting to get over the 5K mark in wars and would like this to become the norm or even higher!

We are also all working adults and understand life gets in the way, just ask for open communication.

We are looking for 9 more players or so. Feel free to bring a friend with you!

Minimum requirements= 1400 cups, hit titans daily and participate in wars if you are opted in. Opting in for wars is not required, but a preference. Our teams range from 3382 up to 4400+

Stop in a say hi.

We still have some open stops - would be happy to see some new members :slight_smile:

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