Indigo Tide-spots available

Active Titan and War alliance

We track titan and war results, we play daily, we chat in messenger, use FB group page to brag about rosters and ask for opinions/help with team builds or show off our latest pulls!

We are working adults, we know RL gets hectic, we expect open communications within the alliance if you plan to be away for a bit (won’t lose your spot cause you went on a cruise for a week and didn’t have internet)

Our alliance is in an evolutionary phase right now. Been around for over a year and we are finding ways to continue to improve. Change take a little time, but we won’t stop growing and learning.

We are looking for 6 more players or so. Bring a friend with you.

Minimum requirements= 1000 cups, hit titans daily and participate in wars if you are opted in. Opting in for wars is not required, but it sure is appreciated to have your efforts on the battlefield with the rest of us!

Hope to see you in game soon.

Is facebook a requirement? I deactivated my facebook profile over (6) months ago, but still use messenger.

Not at all. No requirements other than to hit titans daily and participate in wars if you are opted in :slight_smile:

Thank you. I will check you guys out tonight.

Check out North of the wall. Might be the alliance u are looking for!

@Ripcode hope your night was a good one! Did you and/or the Mrs get a chance to browse for alliances last night? We still have 6 spots total available right now.

Current alliance War Score = 251085
Trophy Score = 44865
Titan Score = 46298 (hitting 7* regularly-anticipating the 8*'s to go down much faster with our new addition of players)

@Qwikening - We did find a new home with Nocturnal Winds.

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions! Good luck with your recruiting!

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