July 2022 TENTATIVE Calendar (Events: Trials, Rare Quests, Clash Of Knights, Valhalla, Dynasty Of Dunes, Mirages Of Omega, Masquerade, Slayers Of Fell Shadows, Legends Of Kalevale, War Of The 3 Kingdoms, Underwild, Atlantis, and Ninja Tower)

Maybe the Covenant offers will include WE flasks at 80 gems each. Lol


@Saanzi thanks for posting a bit earlier this month!


Yes, I can second what @Jomps said.
The official calendar has not arrived this soon in the last few months :slight_smile:

This gives the Calendar team more time to finish their calendars before august.


hey how is everything? I’m Isa, creator of the monthly calendar in the Portuguese version and I’m Beta too, could you help us with the portal highlights heroes? send you a list of possible August highlights and you can give us confirmation feedback, because with so many event launches and new heroes our chance of success has been very limited, we can no longer maintain a stable cycle, and the community is waiting from knowing the highlights of each event to planning the calls according to the most interesting highlights, we cannot lose the trust of the community. I await a response from you.
Thanks for the attention!


A little disappointed with the August calendar, I was expecting a Soul Exchange this month. With new events and many new heroes, Soul Exchange will be a very important tool/event for players. I hope there is still some change in the calendar and that they manage to add this event.

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You can see the Soul Exchange on August 22nd in the calendar.


Thanks @PlayForFun. I didn’t read the “fine print” of the contract. Lol :joy:

Glad I was wrong and there will be SE!


I could probably guess out the featured heroes more accurately but how can we get in touch to discuss that? Line? Would certainly be great to share a chat room with the other calendar creators.

We have a group on Line, you can contact me on whatsapp +55 71991125003



Here are the highlights possibilities for August 2022:

1/8 - 4/8 - S3 = SifC/Norns/Frigg
4/8 - 8/8 - S5 = Bastete/El Naddara/Sobek
8/8 - 8/11 - Tavern of Legends = Elradir/Devana
8/18 - 8/22 - S4 = Xnolphod/Akkorog/Zenobia
8/22 - 8/24 - S2 = Poseidon C/Glenda/Balbar/Mitisuko
8/29 - 9/1 - S3 = Freya C/Lady Loki/Thor

Could someone help confirm the highlights please.


I can just say that these were the featured heroes for Challenge Festival 2 in Beta:
Rhys (Bard hero), Emilio (Starfall hero), Senan (Slayer hero)


I am almost sure, tavern of legends will feature Drake Fong, Athena and Alasie since those have costumes and they are repeating this cycle for third time…

I do hope, your prediction for S4 with Xnol and Zenobia holds true, I would just switch Akkorog with Zekeena or Kongalach :slight_smile:

Oh and C. Baldur for valhalla hopefully :stuck_out_tongue:


switch akkrog with houlda and it would be perfect for me ahaha

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I will check my assumptions tonight and tell you but if I recall correctly, CF2 featured heroes should be like in beta (Rhys, Emilio, Senan).

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So sad. The most useless Bard will be featured

So whales spend more to get the useful ones? :face_with_peeking_eye:

and cheap to play get into a dilema to wait or not

I will use all of my coins in the portal (saving them since last CF1), as I miss lot of useful 3 and 4 stars from this portal.

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Yeah, hopefully he gets a buffed a bit

I got in touch with Zartanis on Line but he hasn’t answered yet. Either way, here are my expectations:

  • Valhalla 1st August: Freya C, Frigg and Tyr
  • Dune 4th August: Bastet, Khepri and El Naddaha
  • Legends 8th August: Athena C, Drake Fong C and Alasie C
  • CF2 11th August: Rhys, Emilio and Senan
  • Underwild 18th August: Xnolphod, Akkorog and Zenobia
  • Atlantis 22th August: Poseidon C, Glenda, Mitsuko and Balbar
  • Valhalla 29th August: Sif C, Alfrike and Norns
  • Dune 1st September: Sekhmet, Bennu and Khufu