August 2022 TENTATIVE Calendar (Events: Trials, Rare Quests, Mirages Of Omega, Valhalla, Dynasty Of Dunes, Tavern Of Legends, Challenge Festival 2, Mythic Titan, Underwild, Atlantis, Soul Exchange, Magic Tower, and Covenant Of Champions)

Why are so many people interested in how he gets the info? Just enjoy the fact that we get it.


Glad to see we’re all saving costume pulls until Quintus C2 drops


Well, yea :man_shrugging:

Future will tell. As I said and as of now, CoK stays in the same time slot and rotating with the three towers.
I didn’t really look up the Covenant and Element events’ schedule yet to tell much how they are going to fit into the event cadence.

Well, out of the season 1 second costumes that went through beta, I believe he is the one that will be released last so like Baldur for s3 costumes, we gotta be patient.

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Thanks for the prediction!
Can you share some tips how you make prediction for S5 featured heros?

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Oh turns out the Valhalla is featuring Alfrike and Costumed Sif instead of Fenrir and Costumed Heimdall. But nice try!

Totally anticipated :sweat_smile:


The Oracle of Portals was right again :slight_smile:
Thx for the prediction.


I now highly suspect that @Elioty33 works for SG :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Maybe. Guessing the portals is 1 thing as you might have 25% chance to guess the proper new costume, but knowing all heroes is Soul Exchange Chamber correctly is very suspicious :slight_smile:

Anyway thx for all of your insights :slight_smile:


In any case, he is a great forum member that gives all of us super helpful information ahead of time, which I appreciate very much.


Or he just data mines the update every time a new one is released


was hopping that was a new MO to release the official calendar with some days before the end of the month

Good Morning!


I know you are very busy but I would have a forecast of when the official calendar for September will be posted, a very anxious and restless community waiting for the calendars. Thanks for the attention!


Have been checking the forum multiple times daily last week looking for september 2022.
I don’t even care if I theoretically should be able to guess most of it.
Still looking forward to actually seeing it.

And again a shout-out to all the lovely calender makers like @Zartanis and @VeryQuietly for their work!


The next costume event will be September, right?
If so, any rough ideas when it may be?
I have 35 keys I have got from chests etc since the last 1 so I am looking forward to trying to get some I don’t have -

The oracle’s prediction above


I don’t even have many round 1 costumes for 5* (Quintus and Magni only), so I am happy with any others + C2.

Much appreciated

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im still missing sabina =(

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I chased Sabina’s costume for so long!
I am missing Gormek costume, despite having done over 150 pulls over time
Have gotten lots of the 5*, but still no Gormek.
But will continue to save my keys until all second costumes are ready

yeah, thats my plan aswell