🔵 [Jul 01, 2020] Trials of Mysticism Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

Right @Muchacho , let’s do it. Not everyone is lucky enough to have Proteus. Vanillas unite - time to show the world that vanillas can handle most of the game content :wink:

This is the first time I’ve benched Proteus (don’t worry fin-face, I still love ya).

  • Kiril for the twin buffs and heal
  • Sabina for even more healing
  • Isarnia (not-Elsa) to pile on the pain after Kiril fires
  • Skittleskull to combine with Kiril’s defense buff for even more survivability
  • Sartana (not-Maleficent) to hit really hard

… and some Titanium Shields for fun. I mean, I don’t use these things on Titans, my alliance only manages 3* and the occasional 4* Titan, so I have a stockpile :wink: Have to make it fast, doing this before work.

Entered boss stage with everyone fully charged. Kiril > Isarnia > Skittles > Sartana on Quintus, he is probably the most dangerous. Trigger a Green diamond. Ugh, replacement tiles all bad. Balthy fires, then Quintus, then Ulmer. Sabina heals. Balthazar fires again. Isarnia is hanging on by a thread. Mana potion on Kiril to heal and buff. Ulmer hits me again. Dang. Quintus is about to charge.

Fine, time for the nuke. Titanium Shields on my whole team. Quintus goes bye bye, and Balthy’s attack on Sarty reflects.

The rest of the battle is short. Make a couple of Purple matches; Sabina heals, Sartana murders Balthy, Ulmer hits me again. Isarnia finishes that upstart off.

Wizard emblems in the bank for not-Maleficent, who is 4/70 and will be brought to +3 (not-Elsa is already +3). Sarty also gets the Purple trainer.
Sorcerer emblems in the bank. Sab +20, Skittles +6, Sab 2 is +6, so I’ll sit on them for a while.