Join zero given we use line maintain high activity and use every war flag

We are currently looking for dedicated players who use war flags hit titans and general know what to do. 10 spots available. We hit smart during war and use all war flags. Communication is a must we chat a lot and never leave a flag standing. Only 3 rules. Must be an adult must hit titan and must use all war flags. We don’t care about trophies only communication and participation. Lots of fun people from different countries. Lvl 20 or higher plz

Is there a noun missing between zero and given lol

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Join to find out lol adults only so maybe lol

I’m already tied down lol

Sounds like a fun alliance! I would join if I wasn’t already tied down! Maybe if you still have openings in the future it sounds like what I’m looking for!

We are open to a merge if you got some people in the group who want something more were on a 7* titan with only 18 ppl now. Only time someone gets booted is if they don’t use war flags. Have had a rare occasion where we booted for basicly trying to cyber in the alliance chat. We enjoy adults having fun but there is a point where it’s too much lol

Thanks for the offer to merge but right now I’m in the same alliance as my kids and some of there friends and a few adults too and we’re at 27/30. They said it would make them sad if I left the alliance so for now I have to stay with them lol. It just gets boring sometimes playing with mostly kids haha. I saved your alliance name so I can find you all in the future if you still have an opening.

Lol understandable. I know a few guys in our alliance had to tell there kids no when they wanted to join. Too many adult words lol. When ever you are ready I’m sure we will have an opening or one will open up. We are pretty strict on The war flags.

Thanks! Sounds good!

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