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Looking for an alliance to join? Please feel free to give us a try. We are looking for new members to grow our alliance and help us take down more titans. We are a dedicated and supportive group.

We all participate fully in wars and titans but we also understand that life happens and ultimately we are all just in this for fun. We ask that if you can’t participate in wars you opt out. Give wars and titans the best try you can, have a good time, and grow with us.

Check out War & Pieces

Just bumping this up. Come join War & Pieces!!! Good active group. Join our growing ranks. Looking to take on tougher titans!

Just another bump. Come join our alliance. Very active, growing, supportive. Check out War & Pieces!!! We would love to have you.

Just bumping this up. Check out War & Pieces. Looking for new members. Very active alliance.

Bumping this up. Looking for new members to take on more powerful titans. Come join War & Pieces. Very active supportive alliance. Start the new year right!

A block of text is more difficult to pull out your main messages. Formatting your post will make it easy for prospective recruits. Fyi

Hi. Do you consider to join our alliance, wadsquad? We have 14 active members, half of us over 4000+ tp. Now working on 7/8 titans. I can take all your members together.

I will run it by the group. Thanks for the offer. I’ll keep you posted.

War & Pieces is growing. Picked up a few more players. Taking on 7 and 8 star titans now. Still room for more. Very active but laid back group. No fuss. Check us out. All are welcome. Thanks

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