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Join us to learn, grow and have fun! Our alliance has been around for 2 years, and is led by a few veterans. We are currently on 10 star titans. War is optional but, if you opt in, 6 attacks are required.

We also have a Discord group. Lots of tips and tricks there. Find Amarthdaug#2614

We prefer green tanks. And we don’t have a special tactic in AW.

We don’t require discord, but it’s there for those that want to get more involved, for those that need a reminder for different events, for those that want the tips&tricks (it’s too much text for in-game chat) and even for those that want to socialize more.

Our main requirements are:
Let us know if you’re going to miss more than 3 consecutive titans - we won’t kick if it’s a reasonable amount of time;
Don’t abuse the previous by attacking only 1 in every 3 titans - while not hardcore, we are an active bunch;
Use all attacks in war if you opted in!

Just one spot left and you can have it, join the fun, now!

We use all flags in war.
We never let the titan escape unless we want them to.
International bunch of adult players.
Great management and support.
Chatty bunch with dirty sense of humour.
No drama.
What else do you need?
Best decision I made since I started playing this game is joining this alliance.

Two spots left.
10* titans
Green tanks.
Enough said. Come and Join!

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What he said :stuck_out_tongue:

Join us now and you won’t regret it!

Leaving an alliance and joining a new one is always difficult.
Difficult to leave what you are used to and plunge into unknown.

What kind of people will there be in the new alliance?
Will they constantly tell me what to do like a drill instructor?
Are they going to judge my every war and titan hit?
Will there be drama queens who get offended at everything?
Do they leave unused flags in the war?
Will they help me grow?


We are an international bunch of adult players.
There are no toxic people here.
We are a chatty group with dirty humour. We enjoy the company of each other.
Whether you are a silent person or a chatterbox does not matter for us.

As long as you participate and have fun, we don’t care how many points you get in the war or titan.

We always help each other about the game.

We all are active players. Constantly leveling up.

These are the only rules:
1800 cups.
We never leave flags unused in the war. Participating in war is not mandatory.
We never let titan escape unless we want them to. We are hitting 10* at the moment

This is just a game. Games are for fun and we are having fun.
Come and join before it’s too late.

Come get that last spot, while you still can!

What are you waiting for?
FFA War.
We use all flags if opted in.
Titans do not escape unless we want them to.
Genuine people with dirty humour.
Great management.

Yes, I have to agree, great management, and a great leader :grin:

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A good leader is crucial for an alliance Amarth, and you are doing great! :+1:


We have one spot available everyone! Come have a look! Our latest recruit left his 6 flags unused in war and we parted ways with him. Don’t worry, we have won despite his lack of participation.

We won 4 out of our last 5 wars!
Have been killing 10* titans for over three months and about to move to 11* soon!
We are active adult players from all around the world.
All easygoing genuine people with good sense of humour.
Come and join us!

Just one spot available, join the fun while you still can!

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