Join us, Assassins Inc!

Hi all!

Are you looking to join alliance? Not sure who to join or why? We’ve recently had members taking a break from the game so have lost a few (until they decide to come back to the game)

I’ll make a simple post about the alliance I’m a member of, Assassins Inc

  • We are an English speaking alliance from various parts of the world. From Britain to various parts of Europe to America and others!
  • Cups / trophies do not seem to be a requirement but a similar level to what we have will benefit you vs Titans etc. level 40+ is probably best
  • We currently hit and kill around level 10 - 11 Titans
  • We use in game chat and Line chat (a free app on the Play / App store) to communicate
  • We have a very simple to understand war strategy and system which would be explained to you
  • Our only real rule is to always use your Titan and War flags. If you won’t be available to attack in the war, all we ask if you opt out in time
  • Some members chat a lot, some are silent, it’s good either way as long as you’re getting your hits in!

I’ve been a member 400+ days since posting on here looking for an alliance, everyone is friendly, helpful and will always give advice if you have a question. I’m now a co-leader :slight_smile:

So if you feel like the alliance sounds like a good fit you you, give me a message on here or search Assassins Inc in the game. Let me know you came from seeing this post.

Any questions feel free to ask!



I joined. It’s worth a look. Chill but active. Friendly and all that

A few places open! Join today!

Both of you guys came from the forum and both brilliant additions to the alliance!

Hopefully a few more will give us a try from here and see for themselves!

Believe it or not, still a couple of places open.

Join today or regret it forever!

Assassins Inc.

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You know the very day after I joined alliance Inc. I found ten whole English pounds in a bush. Coincidence? I think not


So that’s where I dropped it!

Still a couple of spots open. This kind of opportunity doesn’t come around many times in a lifetime!

Believe it or not, Assassins Inc is still recruiting and we want YOU to join us! Yes, you. :point_right:

Disclaimer: We are NOT a very fun bunch of people. We do not chat a lot about life outside of the game, our discussion tend to revolve around mana troops, emblem paths, raid formations, war defenses, and other nerdy in-game topics. However, occasionally jokes do appear in the chat and some of us has started to say good morning when they first log in to the game. With that said, our alliance is a place where you always will get tips and suggestion on in-game topics if you ask. We want to learn, improve, and grow together.


Hahaha. Three of us said morning. One might even have said good morning

My mistake. No one took it to the extreme of good and Joe still hasn’t made me a coffee

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