Join our friendly, supportive, active Alliance-Through Fire and Flames

Friendly alliance seeking new members. Very active, supportive group. Line chat optional.

600 trophy min. 7-9* Titans right now, but I think we’ll go higher once we’re at 30 members again. A lot of us are at 2000+ trophies.

I bounced from alliance to alliance looking for a group where everyone uses all their war flags and attacks all Titans. I finally found it! But we’ve lost a few members, and we need you. Life comes first, so we just ask that you communicate if you’re going to miss a few Titans or need to opt out of wars.

Hope to see you soon. :slight_smile:

Still 3 spots left in our alliance, “Through Fire and Flames”

Join now for free cake*!

*OK, to be honest, there’s no cake. I mean, you’re encouraged to purchase your own cake, if you’re into that kind of thing. Sorry, I’ve been playing too much Portal lately.

Not looking at the moment but are you able to confirm or deny whether the alliance is inspired by the band DragonForce who have a song titled Through the Fire and Flame?

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I can confirm after Googling that the music video for that song has some epic hair. Like, Colen-level epic hair (swoon).

Update: Our fearless leader confirmed that song was, in fact, the inspiration for our Alliance.

So join now for your free copy of Guitar Hero 3*, where our Alliance’s origin song is featured!
*See earlier comment about cake

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