Burning Sun [TXP] is looking fou you!

Hi ,

Come and join this amazing alliance if you like a challenge.
Check it out, you won’t be disappointed.
We are like a well oiled machine with excelent coordination during Alliance Wars, who hit and kill 10* and 11* Titans in Burning Sun CF. And the good news is that you only need +4400 Team Power.

Come and have some fun if you are tired of alliances who don’t communicate, won’t hit titans or don’t use there flags in Alliance War.
Line ID: traggthebeardy

Yours truly,


Check us out! Hell of a lot of fun in thos group of alliances!

thx @fancypants, i would totally agree to that!

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Join us, we are an organized bunch with great fun

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If you’re not sure, just check us out and find out yourself. Fun for sure.

Join our alliances, great supportive members here!!!

Six places still too fill in the main alliance T.F.C Titan Fight Club, come on in!!!

Got a line contact? That I can reach out to?

What’s your ID @Mookie? i pull you in mine.

Mookie78 ty…

is it xBluntex? @Mookie

Yup , will be great if we can chat ty

i pulled you in Mookie

6 places still open, come and join us in the main alliance T.F.C Titan Fight Club. you won’t regret it!!!

Looking to join Vol 2 in an hour and a half. Can I hop right in or…?

what are your rates, i think it won’t be a problem. Say hi from me when you go there. they will get you in.

TP: 2924
Trophies: 1596
And, while I don’t have many maxed heroes, I have a bunch of 3s nearing 3/50 and a bunch nearing, at, or a above 3/60.

Hi Ashland, i see you entered vol 2. Did you say hi from me? what do you think so far from the group?

6 spots to be filled, don’t hesistate to join us. You gonna like it with us.

Yeah, and I like it so far. Very friendly and efficient in here. Lol, I’ve never seen a titan taken down this fast.

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