Jean-François – 5* Fire/ Red - February 2020 HOTM (Hero of the Month)

and neith is better than Quintus and Obakan, but her thread still got way more votes :wink:

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So, compared to GM, how does everyone like him? And would we count him as a counter to Finley?

My kingston(s) are waiting for you, loser :smile:


Once someone has him could you send a pic of the full character design? He looks from an aesthetic perspective super cool! A bit different than the previous HOTM with a more realistic art style but still really nice!


Got him. Been saving six rings for him so we’ll see how he does.


wow that was fast. grats.


i am sitting on my rings for nearly two months now, as I could and can not decide whom to give (marjana, santa oder puss). Now, I need to hold the gems for avalon (my favorite group of heroes) and try for BK/JF, if i may get one of those two, he will get the rings; if not, I will still be torn… just used up the EHTs right now for some feeders…

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Wouldnt be torn, Puss is a sure bet. You got Santa, dont know your roster, but if you have one of seshat, red hood, Queen too then Puss is a machine imo. That Hotm doesnt impress me, his burn is weak and everything he does can be dispelled :slightly_smiling_face:


Do you have all the Atlantis heroes, because I feel like the odds of getting better heroes is there, vs the Avalon event. Does anyone know which of the featured heroes will be available in Atlantis?

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Sorry man, english is not my mother language…I mean that many have complained about JF nerf, even before his final release; but this HOTM is not his stats/damage output only :wink:


2 EHT early shots, no party :sob:

His skills are a strange combo, only see him good for certain events/occasions. protection from ice? Ok, needed when, will he be a tank on d, or a support for another red tank? Defense down change to up, does that effect elemental defense down too? He is fast, but so is Natalija and cant be dispelled. On offense he may be good, looking forward to seeing some videos here with him raiding against the usual diamond defenses. Dont think his class is fitting too, cant imagine anyone who has guin or Anzogh to give that guy a single emblem, sorcerer or rogue would fit better imo. But its a bit early, maybe im too tired to see his real strenght :thinking: :upside_down_face:


and of course him with my eht…whelp we shall see full screen shot


ja, have red hood, LotL, seshat and inari maxed, that is indeed a reason for puss. fun for raiding, but bringing this team together will blow up some of my preferred attack teams in war… therefore, still thinking, but decision must be made during avalon, when i see what I got there…

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So after nerf JF it is.

Just checked emblemmed GM’s who have 350+ DOT over 2 turns, with initial dmg (depending on who they hit that’s another 150-400 instant dmg) plus they are very fast… JF now looks funny.

Buff against ice would only make sense if he’s on tank, which with his stats is the worst position you’d want to use him on. Otherwise that’s insanely situational. And Mitsuko does much better job in these ‘situations’.

Finally, defense status protection. Useless on defense as this can just be counterpicked or played around. Strong on offense but how many defensive heroes we have with -def… Kunchen, Santa, Athena, Isarnia… So best place on offense for him is off-color support, and in cases when your main color lacks tiles and supportive color gets the tiles. Hmmm I am pretty sure there are better options for that purpose.

I’m still one of those who consider him a weird mix of offensive and defensive perks that don’t really fit and play together in most cases. Not terrible but not top notch. Plus class competition is too strong, is he ever going to see emblems over Zeline, Hel, Guin, Onatel…? 7/10 from me. Nice artwork though.


same as Neith which is upgraded version of Justice

consider JF as upgraded version of Azlar

Oh, forgot about LotL, great. And Red hood/Puss are Family too. i save all my gems for next grimforest to get Puss, since he would make it to my d which is King-Zim-Guin-Snow-Hood, replacing lovely Zim or even Guin (Zim-King-Puss-Snow-Hood) to give 3member family bonus and some buffs for Snow to bump up. A raid d with seshat-puss-LoTL-blue one-hood could be devastating, even for war with field aid heal at best. But i never see Green Tank war alliances, so that might be difficult. A bit offtopic, but that would be an undefeatable d for superfast/blue forbidden 5star tourny :smile:

*Natalya. Azlar, for all his faults, at least does initial damage.


Can you show us his animation/motion please? :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s pretty cool to know that Jean can use his sword with his left hand. These types of observations make this game pretty interesting.


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