Jean-François – 5* Fire/ Red - February 2020 HOTM (Hero of the Month)

Oh! Didn’t know that! But I remembered before I did reverse calculate, thought those figure were from troops is it not? So the 20% is on top of troops as well?

Here it is explained pretty well with a GM example: Understanding DoT (Damage over Time)

Troops do impact DoT.


JF pre-nerf everyone poured their hearts out for him to be nerfed, now he’s nerfed and everybody hates JF…be careful what you ask for, just might get it LOL

I just came to laugh. Carry on.


Yes. I’ve read that before. But @BigLordF mentioned that defense teams get a 20% stat bonus on attack, defense, and health. I’ve raided to see it myself and calculate it, I can verify those stats added with troop. But I can’t see all hero on defense team having 20% stat bonus on attack, defense, and health. Unless he means those 20% comes from troops.

Two small notes about this:

  • The bonuses are to Attack and Defense, but NOT Health

  • The bonuses aren’t listed in the displayed stats; we’ve inferred their existence based on DoT adjustments and damage calculation

I coincidentally just posted about that here:


Yes, as also zephyr1 writes, there is for sure a 20% attack bonus irrelevant of troops. I am not sure of the defense bonus but apparently tha is the same. I could not find anything official on it but there is another good description here: [Primer] Defense AI Cheats or why computer gets first move, trickle mana & bonus damage and how to exploit/ defend against it for more trophies

In raid defense, the A.I. ( computer ) gets 20% a bonus damage buff, a trickle of mana per turn in addition to mana per player match, and always attacks first after the board matching is finished. This is done because the AI is very limited, unlike players that can use tactics & strategy. In fact, these advantages are always constant so you can plan for them when setting up your raid attack, raid defense teams and choosing matches on the board.

20% bonus damage buff

Players can increase damage by making matches of a color strong against the defending hero. Since the A.I. Cannot, they get a flat 20% bonus ( which is roughly the bonus of a rainbow team against a single color boss due to strong matches versus a team of all neutral colors fighting the same boss ).


My JF is sitting at 370 and the burn damage is at 254. Is this normal and does it go up when he gets more levels in him?


DOT damage scales with attack power, so as he levels, his DOT will also increase. Troops increase it even further. Talents that add attack power will add as well. Attack buffs do NOT increase it.

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How is performing JF outside of defense teams?
He would probably be my first 5* red and id like to know his performace in

-Events, quest and map (Season lll and S2 hard)
-Raiding and war (stacking with my bolstusk colen and gormek )

Thanks in advance !

I assume that his Fast speed dot would be a good addition to my reds at the time of doing events , right ?

On titans I don’t use him (but one of my red team’s spot can be replaced by Black Knight if I were to pull him), on events neither as I bring a 100% direct damage team but on raids I bring him while against hard hitting blue heroes and I bring him in war in a 3-1-1 stack… with him being tge only red.

He doesn’t work well with direct damage empowering red heroes, I use him to peel targets for my 3-stack specials and tiles.

He works pretty well but you should plan some turns ahead to use him.

I’ve got a lvl 70 (pre-max ascension) JF, and he’s helped a lot against the Queen of Hearts in this event. She keeps cranking out those cards, then makes herself nearly invincible in the final stages until the card is gone, and by then she had enough mana to crank out another one. (I was doing the 2nd last fight in Advanced difficulty. Maxed 4* and non-maxed 5* heroes are all I have.)
But then I realized with Jean-Francois, I can just use him to burn the whole card away over 2 turns no matter what defense boosts she has. Then I’m free to attack whoever I please, and I didn’t even have to give the queen any more mana. Quite nice!

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I just got the last ring I need for Jean Francois. Should I max him or wait for someone better? I have zimkitha, azlar, and black Knight maxed out for reds already

Hold until the next Atlantis would end :wink:
He is very good but you never know if you would get Gravemaker!

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Santa or JF? They do serve vastly different purposes and Santa is slow while JF is fast, so i’m caught in a conundrum. :thinking:

302% burn for 2 turns to all
+94%def agnst ice/4
+42%def NewStatAil
All Fire Allies 10% crit/6

150%dmg to all
All enemies: -34% attack, -44% defense for 4 turns

I’d love a minion spawner and Santa’s -def and -att look real good. BUT IT’s recent reviews put him in a whole new light so he looks real good too.

I just can’t decide which one? :slightly_frowning_face: HELP!

I’m kinda stuck on whether I should put the rings in JF. I see he is great on defense but I’m not too sure he would be very useful against the titan and and raids. I have he, Grazul, and Mitsuko sitting at 3-70. I’ll have Telluria as the tank in a week. I’m definitely waiting until after the next AS hoping for GM but if I don’t pull him, any suggestions and other thoughts?

Grazul is a great counter for Telluria. I have JF sitting at 3.70 with BK maxed, Grazul nearly maxed at 4.71, and Tyr on his way up. JF ONLY gets the rings after Grazul is done, Tyr is done, I don’t get GM, and the July HOTM doesn’t seem like a must have. Otherwise, he continues to wait.

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Really? rumor she will be like double upgraded version of GM. Kidding :rofl:
I hope she will be a very fast red cleanser… :grinning: :sparkles: :crossed_fingers:


Lol hopefully we find out soon since I don’t think anyone knows anything yet

It looks like JF is quite powerful when combined with Killhare. Some might even say he’s OP. Perhaps it’s time for a nerf JF thread. Hmmmm, but that might make the nerf/buff police’ heads explode. :rofl:

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