🔵 [Jan 19, 2020] Trials of Piety Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

I kept the same team:

The Battle

I wanted to go Item-free this time, which was a little rough, but doable.

A lot of the damage I took was from Boril’s Riposte, due to unfortunately timed cascades.

Shiny New Emblems

Joon is 30 away from +3, but Hansel got to step up to +10.

Are we there yet?

Kiril number 5 ate the Trainer Hero…I’m looking forward to finishing him.


My team for this go round…


Last time:

This time. Totally forgot Boldtusk was a thing. I’m happier with the new organization system that dumps all the eligible heroes on the top. Would’ve taken my +18 Boldtusk, but he was being used in the war, so had to take number 2 instead.

Note to future self: UPDATE WU’S TROOPS.

Oh wow no items. Woot woot. :raised_hands:

Li Xiu didn’t have enough to get to +15. Still not 100% sure I want to push Vivica past +7, so nothing there either. Trainer unsure but probably going to Lianna since I ran out of yellows to level, and I don’t want to push Neith quite yet.

Ty zephyr!


No items needed, but was a long whittle. Viv had dinner. Emblems saved for her, too.


Same team but swaped out Li for Grazul

Thought id go for a slow approach to this one. Well i found i have little to no patience! :joy:

Revive and then had to bomb my way through :exploding_head:

Trainer to Joon, saving emblems


Trials of Guv - Piety

Team Last Time

Click to see

Guvs history of Piety:

Team This Time

Other Options:


  • Jabberwock - 4/45
  • Wilbur - 4/70 +15
  • Drake Fong (2) - 3/70
  • Wu Kong - 4/70
  • Li Xiu - 4/70
  • Joon - 2/60
  • Valeria - 3/60


  • Kunchen - 4/80
  • Grazul - 4/80
  • Gafar - 4/70
  • Boril - 3/60

The Battle

Autoplay finished stage 1&2 as usual

Final stage video

The Rewards

  • Reset Token = No
  • Monk Emblems = 51/125 needed for Drake Fong +10
  • Cleric Emblems = 140/125 needed for Ariel +10
  • Trainer = fed to Guardian Jackal #2


Used SW instead of Grazul who was suggested by game. WR for defense down and Tarlak for attack boost. Went pretty well. Also just trying to post a video here for the first time.


I hope they get this fixed soon!


Lol dude!! @Nexus1254

Just take him out of your tournament defence team… Tournament hasn’t started yet so swap him out, use him, then put him back in…



It’s Alliance War…

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Team last time

This time

Third time in a row changing teams, and while the last time may have been easier, that was only from the cascade-fest. No items used again. Lost Hansel due to bad boards with no way to charge up either Grazzy, Ariel or Wilbur, but loss didn’t hurt much since he did his job with Boril.

Trainer goes to Kingston, enough Monk emblems to take Shrubby to +17 once I regain the iron, cleric emblems saved.


Managed the trial first time but I had to use 75gems…so; not satisfied with my performance.

Team for the first two stages:

For the final stage I changed Liu by Wu.
Attacking power was(and is) to tiny.
Works great. Tribute to Gimli fast out(Ok; it definitely breaks my neck that he could summon the reposte and I have no one who take it away.).
Joon has only a few points left, a small nudge and big yellow would be falling. It did not happened. Wine lover from Sherwood starts to heal, mana recovery goes up and I only had blue and red tiles at the board. Frustrating if starts great and ended this way. Anyway; never giving up if there is a chance; take 75 gems and managed it.
But the three in this constellation are as tough as old leather boots for my roster.
Definitely another construction site for me.

Trainee: Justice
Hensel or Rigard or Kunchen?
Gut feeling: Rigard…but extremly unsure…grmpf…:rage:
Monk: Lady Li


Ahh less good… But still will end before the trias end :slight_smile:

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My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

Grazul out, I will try with new 2nd Hansel (4.45).

The Battle

All mana charged except Wilbur, no items used so far, great start. Forget that I bring only 4 mana intead of 5x, I should change with minor mana, but no big deal.

Not so easy, also not so hard… 2nd Hansel died with Joon sniper, I forget to bring Wilbur active, but everything can handle. Used 3x bombs, 9x heal and 3x mana.

The Reward

Cleric & Monk emblems keep inventory.
Trainer goes to Onatel.

@zephyr1, I like your setup with Gafar and Jabbar. I will level Jabbar after 2nd Proteus finished (almost), and after 2nd Rigard (currenlty at 1.1).
You level a 5th Kiril, that so… wow :dizzy_face:


I went with:
Chef Boldtusk +18 / Leonidas +4 / Wilbur +20 / Joon 4/78 / Boril

I kind of forgot that the second stage had totally passive bosses, making Boril a bit useless. But Joon basically committed suicide in the last battle.

Used a few mana potions and healing, nothing else.

Leonidas will get monk emblems (he’s my war tank for the foreseeable future – need lots of darts before Justice becomes viable), cleric emblems are banked, and Joon is now 4/79 after munching down the trainer.


MN and Santa replaced Vivica and Leonidas.

It was a long battle but I didn’t have to use any items.

The new emblems are for MN and Joon.


MN, Santa, Boril, Viv, and Joon. Took a while but got it done. Cleric trials always drag on.


I’m kind of low on heroes to work on, as you can probably tell. :rofl:

But with a ton of blue tank War opponents, I do love having Kiril as an option in either part of a 3-2 stack that has blue in it…which is how I ended up leveling my 5th Kiril. I don’t have a 6th one, so this is the last one to level for now at least.

I don’t have a lot of occasion to use Jabbar, so this is a fun spot for him. He could certainly be useful for Field Aid Wars too, depending on the sorts of opponents you tend to face.


My team this time:

  • Vivica 3^70
  • Leonidas 3^50
  • Rigard +20
  • Li Xiu +20
  • Boril +18

Compared to last time, Boril is up 8 talents, Li Xiu is up 1, and Leonidas finally claimed the orbs and has been hulking up on yellow feeders. He’ll be stuck at 3^70 eventually, though, because I only have 2 or 3 sets of darts, and I plan to give them to Vivica anyway.

It did seem like the extra oomph from Leo made a difference in the mob waves. Yellow tiles were quite strong. I was able to keep Boril active for basically the whole fight, which also helped. Entered the boss wave with riposte active and all specials charged. Fired off a dragon and bomb and went to work. Joon riposted on Li Xiu the first time, so that helped. I was also able to fire both Li and Leo at Friar Tuck twice each, prolonging the dreaded heal. I was actually in really good shape by the time the first dragon burned through and I renewed both a bomb and dragon, but then a cascade got away, and Friar Tuck healed. Unlike usual, however, that wasn’t a back-breaker, as Joon committed suicide on Li, and after a bit, Friar did the same with a regular attack on Vivica. Seeing Tuck go down without the need for further items was a cause for rejoicing, as taking down Boril after that was just a matter of time, even with Li and Viv already dead. Compared to last time, my item usage was WAY down (2 dragons and 2 bombs vs. 2 dragons, 5 bombs, and 5 axes last time) so I’m very happy.

Boril got to +18 with emblems from earlier stages; I’d probably stop there, but I have no other clerics that are ready for emblems - OK, except Mnesseus - so I guess I’ll keep giving them to him for now. I literally have no monks eligible for emblems, even at the three-star level, so I’m really hoping to pull Wilbur in Atlantis this week. I’ll even reset Bane’s emblems for him. Wonderful feast, indeed! Trainer hero goes to Leonidas.


Here’s my team…


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