🔵 [Jan 15, 2020] Trials of Survival Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

My team last time :point_up_2:
My team this time :point_down:

Decided it was time for a change so Miki comes in for Peters. I’ve been doing ALOT of 3-2 recently in raids so I figured I’d try it out here. Worked pretty well for me. Again Alice and Marjana will split the rogue emblems but since the last trial I’m up to 595 barbarian emblems. Still undecided who gets them. Maybe I should make a poll and see what everyone thinks…
I’m finishing off Sabina so she’ll get the trainer, I know I know hate the off color if you want.


Same team as last time. I told myself last time to substitute the dragon attacks for mana but now I want to save the mana pots lol:

I wanted to let Azlar bleed to death but didn’t want to risk blowing if it his special went south on me so I used Jackal to knock him out:

Way to get it done with less items this time @notyou87! @zephyr1 loving the 3x Grimm, so many abs lol, they didn’t gain any weight over the holidays apparently!


I worked them out in Grimforest to keep them :muscle:


Identical team as last Trials.

Kelile&Azlar perfectly set the roof on fire after Grimm rams and cuts the door into pieces…so we don’t need no water and

let the beeeeep burn…
Gretel and Scarlett only controlled the situation…mana and attack down when needed…
Without a healer I had of course to use the minor heal flasks and three times antidote. Maybe could go through without them but want that the whole team survives.

Emblems after thinking about it:
Scarlett and Grimm
Correct decision?
Trainee:…will keep…roster with red one is :weary:


I swapped out Scarlett for Domitia this time (Domitia is only 3/65), so went with: Marjana +10 / Grimm +20 / Peters +1 / Little John / Domitia.

Went fairly easily. Used a few healing potions, obviously, otherwise no items.

Feeder went to Guardian Falcon (who will be getting my last set of gloves [grumbles at the RNG]). Rogue emblems to Marjana, Barbarians are waiting on a recipient.

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My team this time:

  • Domitia +10
  • Azlar 4^80
  • Gormek +20
  • Little John +9
  • Scarlett 4^70

Compared to last time, Little John is up three talents, Domitia is up one, and Scarlett (recently maxed) is in for Kelile 4^70. Kelile is sturdier, but her burn DoT is redundant, while Scarlett’s attack down brings something new.

As expected, I had to baby Scarlett and Little John through the mob waves with healing potions, but I didn’t have too much trouble. Entered the boss wave with all specials charged and purple and blue diamonds on the board (and a TON of purple tiles). Azlar, of course, took the brunt of the specials, and he was way under half health before I moved a single tile. Popping the purple diamond formed a green diamond, and popping that formed a yellow and a red diamond, and the whole thing just turned into a comedy of forming and popping diamonds. Honest-to-goodness, I wish I’d recorded it; it was glorious. Azlar went down quickly, Nashgar charged and was ready to fire before going down in a ridiculous cascade. Scarlett did manage to fire as the very last thing she did before Gormek put her out of her misery with a ramming pulverizer. She only survived that long because of evade.

Emblems take Domitia to +11; LJ falls short of the expensive tenth node. Trainer hero goes to Elena.


Tried a different team this time and brought Miki in and it worked really well. This is my least favourite as no healers in the classes.


Team last time

Tried a couple of teams at the mob waves

Then eventually hit the boss wave with this team

My team is still relatively weak for this trial, hopefully it will be better when the second Grim is strong enough.

Items used 1 carpet bomb, 1 dragon attack, 5 super healing potions and 3 super antidote

Trainer to Azlar, emblems all banked for now.


Last time:

This time:

I levelled up a second Grimm partially for this particular class stage. Partially for war depth also but partially for this class stage.

Trainer going to Boldtusk#3 to level up his costume.


Did the first two stages on both my main and Alt number one. 2nd alt only did first stage cause again, level wall.

Here is who I took on my main:

Difference this time is Kelile joining the team and having +16 in her grid just made my red tile damage huge. Grimm was being Mr. Reliable as he always is. Poor Danza was depressed about X-Mas being over because he had the snowflake show up. Emblems are being saved for Kelile and Grimm. The emblems from both stages was enough to get him to +11. Quick question for those with Gormek, did you go the attack path or defense/hp path since he is the tankier of the three pulverizer bros?

Here is who I took on my first alt:

Scarlett’s very high tile damage came in handy for this one. Grimm is the key to success on this trial imo. LJ was good to have for mana control along with Azar. Emblems are being saved for LJ and Scarlett. Once Scarlett and LJ are maxed on my main, then I will do some rearranging for the team for this trial.

Here is who I took for my 2nd alt:

Apparently Danza on this profile is psychically linked with Danza on my main. Because when he fired, a snowflake came out. Considering my only two leveled heroes were Vlad and Azar, I went through the first stage pretty easily. Emblems are being saved for Azar and rogue emblems are being stashed for now.


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