Stronghold levelling to 20

I am currently saving my iron to upgrade to 20, would I be wise to then save so I can immediately upgrade my stronghold to 21. All my iron storage are at 19 and my TC are at 11/13 and I is currently upgrading to 17 and my food storage is 2@18 and 1 currently levelling to 19. My watchtower is @ 19 and all my farms are @ 16. My iron production are all at 19 also.

Rush to TC20 first.
With SH20, you have 4 new buildings, 1 of which is a TC. Bring a TC to 19.
Then SH21 seems the logical choice to access new advanced building
But TC20 first


It seems that you would be closer to the original goals set forth by the game before V.22 (the introduction of SH21 and advanced buildings). Everyone has different goals on what they are looking to accomplish and sets priorities for each of them.

You need Iron Storage x 4 to all be at least level 18 to hoard enough iron to start SH20 (sounds like you have just enough). Before SH21 was available, the next logical choice would definitely be going to upgrade your TC20, but now that SH21 is available, the choice is more open ended, but no less time consuming, if anything, it will now take even more time to get things done. So if accessing to better classic heroes is still your priority, put the SH21 and Hunter’s Lodge on the backburner and concentrate on getting TC20 up and running first like @j1mau have suggested (in fact, all 4 of them if desired).

SH21, HL, and advanced buildings are going to seem like long term milestones, but even before touching them, you need to have enough backbone structure to support those upgrades (namely enough Iron Storage and Food Storage), having ample access to resource producing / storage buildings would be key, otherwise, you’d see yourself still having to circle back to get those other buildings upgraded and that again, would take time.

Good luck to you on your endeavors.


So what do I work on now SH 7 days from being lvl 21. WT is 19, mines are all @ lvl 20, iron storage 1@20 4@19, food storage 1@20, 3@18 and 1@3. Farms 8@16 and 1@2, my houses are 1@13 2@10 and 1@3. My TC are 1@2 1@11 1@13 and last is 3 days from 20. Do I need to continue leveling my buildings in order to access upgrades at SH 21?

It really all boils down to what your current immediate / intermediate goals are. SH21 itself does not bring anything by itself other than unlocking the first phase of the advanced buildings. To me, doing SH21 should mean you have enough of a hero base (to get you through most of the map, fielding able war teams, doing raid tournaments, challenge events, and emblem quests) and that you are looking to up your Titan damage by crafting better items (via the Hunter’s Lodge).

For SH21, first off, your Iron Storage max does not look like it will be enough to perform the Hunter’s Lodge conversion, and even after that your Food Storage needs some work because they would not be enough to do the Giant Harpoon Research.

To me, if I were you, I’d probably look to maxing out your storage/production buildings, and upping multiple training camps so you can produce feeder heroes at a good clip before thinking SH21 upgrades (because these will take a lot of ham / iron).


As I have only been playing for about 4 1/2 I do not have a super advanced team I have 15 3* maxed currently working on another 5. I have 5 4* maxed with emblems currently working on another 5 also have 2 @ 3/60, with another 20 waiting in the wings. Then I have 7 5* sitting @ 1.1 as I thought the 3* and 4* were better to work on. Season 1 map is complete working on season 2 but only during Atlantis. I’m not really looking to use TC 20 as I have more than enough to work on already. Just need the feeders for what I have. So I will continue on and just finish levelling the buildings as I go. Thank you for your help.

The only reason I can see to rush up to SH 21 is to build the hunters lodge. That allows you to start producing harpoons, and therefore getting titan parts from titan loot. But if your allies aren’t throwing harpoons, there’s no gain for you doing so, and therefore no reason to rush SH 21.

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