Isarnia or Thorne

That would be great!!! Never sae anyone with 3400 cups!! I want thorne now!!!

Joking i know you meant 2400.

About the topic Isarnia … even if you already had one full isarnia over thorne all day long

@Rfm Heheh hehehe yes. 2400. Edited already thanks. I got both at 80. I only use thorne in defense. Isarnia only for atack. Can’t get Isarnia to work on defense. I’ve got a slow MN. In defense already

I choose thorne if you have maxed grimm

Isarnia is a beast! Thorne would heat one time and die leaving nothing after. I have isarnia and azlar. When they are charched, you are dead. Both in my defense team in the flanks, I never go below 2550 without raids.

I don’t have Isarnia… But Thorne is not bad at all. He is always part of my 3-2 blue heavy team along with Kiril+6 and Grimm+14, and I tell you he packs a mean punch. They all have average mana so charge up together and if you unleash Kiril, Grimm and Thorne in that order you are looking at a lot of damage. On defense also he is quite good. But that’s just my personal experiences. :slight_smile:

Also, in defense he is quite solid and can maintain 2400+ cups when paired witj suitable heroes.

Just saw this. That is hilarious.
It’s only 8:25 but I’m going to declare that my Bardic Post of the Day :medal_sports:

Even though it’s a bit old


Which heroes do you pair Thorne with on defense raid team?

This is what I have as my defense team. Not the best heroes maybe, but these are all I have. But they do the job well, keeps me in diamond arena quite comfortably. :slight_smile:

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I have Isarnia maxed, but I don’t really use her.

Don’t get me wrong, Isarnia is very good, especially with talents, but her slow mana is the deal breaker for me. Wilbur has the same defence debuff for the average mana. Athena has better debuff for the average mana.

For me, average mana 3-hitter Thorne would be better than Isarnia damage-wise.

Thorne. I raid many teams that have Isarnia, and if she manages to fire, it’s pretty weak. Plus, I always carry at least 1 hero with dispel into a raid, and that removes her defense bonus.

Thorne can be quite tough to bring down once emblemed. Not that bad if you combo him with Grimm/Frida.

Isarnia is basically a monster best not to let her fire at all.

So both can be good but what do you use most is the most important. Isarnia might be better for challenges and quests.

Your line-up makes sense, I use a similar approach. You don’t like to use Thorne as tank?

I like Thorne as tank too. But since I had leveled Justice before him, she got all the paladin emblems. So right now Justice is superior in health and defense compared to Thorne, plus she is slow mana, so I though that keeping her in the middle might help her to fire more often. :slight_smile:

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Isarnia then isarnia and last isarnia

Asked another way -

Is it the least important – or is it just so hard to influence that your time is best spent elsewhere (once you can hold to your desired (realistic) threshold?

Diminishing returns apply- but the components you’d spend time on can pull double or triple duty

(I’m looking at this thinking I’d recycle/test my war defense in raids, go for either mana or crit troops long term, etc. )

If you closely at the hilt - you can faintly make out the Corvette logo…


Although, now I look in detail, his clenched hand is actually as big as his head.

He may be a man of large extremities!

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Hmm…Might just be gloves – he seems to pad ( he has Beverly Goldberg shoulders)

For comparison -

Mother North’s Chest is bigger than her head -

Poseidon’s Hands are massive - big hands, huge … loin cloth?

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isn’t it perspective? He has long arms. And his head is definitely not proportional to the rest of the body.


That explains a lot - clearly he’s a 4* playing dress up – like an E&P Mulan…without the dragon, ancestor minions, close friends that like him…

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