Is it possible to restart account


I feel like a reboot of my account would be a good idea. Starting back to zero. Is this possible?


If you use android, you can erase your game data in the app settings. …but be warned, everything will be gone PERMANENTLY. No recovery would be possible.

I use the I thing. Is it possible to erase/delete the account? I’d be willing to start with a clean build. I’ve just found the forum and have discovered my strategy is beyond flawed. Or should I just try to recover from here?

I don’t think there will be any advantage to starting fresh to be honest mate. Just adjust your new stratergy from now.

You can’t lose out on anything, unless you delete everything, you can only gain on top of what you already have


Starting again seems like a bad idea, resurrect from where you are, nothing isn’t fixable longterm! All builds have to be built eventually and hero’s can be fed to others longterm


I agree with the advice you’ve been given here. There is nothing to be gained by starting over. Eventually you’ll get everything built.

Use your new knowledge to help your game from here.

If you really want to see if starting over is better, perhaps just start another account?

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Keep this one you have now.
Make a new email and use it to make a new account.
Maybe you will need an alt later.

Exactly what I was going to say. And exactly what I just did. Not because I wanted a fresh start but because I wanted to see the different teams I could make.

Cool thanks. I’ll keep going and maybe start a secondary account to play with an alter ego.

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