Starting fresh again

Hello everyone,

I am starting fresh again with a new account and I was wondering if it is wise to level up 1 farm/mine and 1 foodstarage/mine storage at a time instead of leveling multiple?
Currently I am only level 4 and have:
2 mines
2 farms
2 mine storages
2 food storages
1 TC
1 forge
1 house

I have not joined an alliance yet because I am not sure what route I want to take there.
Stronghold is level 3 and watchtower level 1

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Give up now? Absolutely yes!


I can offer you some advice on how to build up your power starting fresh. Several pointers:

  1. You may want to start fresh yet again, with an invitation sent from your primary account to the fresh-new account, so that the fresh-new account gets 10 days of free ViP + 100 gems when it hits level 5. This helps a lot.

  2. Don’t get too attached to recruits in the beginning. You will have to disband most of them because no space and no food to train heroes.

  3. Keep your first Sharah and ascend her to max promptly (should be your first hero there) ! Don’t eat her!

  4. You can win all battles up to the start of Province 4 with the starting rainbow team simply Autoplaying. Probably even the first couple of Province 4 fights (up to the winged battle).

  5. Use your starting gems (from missions, from ViP when you hit level 5, from Facebook subscription with new account) to make an elemental pull from either the Green or the Blue portal. You have a good yellow (Bane) and a decent purple (Layla) plus probably the only healer you will see for quite a lot (Sharah), so you desperately need to upgrade the other two colors. Any 3* should suffice in the beginning.

  6. Use your starting food not on upgrades, but rather to create minor healing potions. If you want to level someone, focus on Sharah with your red feeders. You will accumulate much iron from map stages, no need to upgrade iron mines at all. Focus on farms though, you will need that food. Use your extra iron to upgrade the Training Camp to level 2, all farms to max, and afterwards - stronghold and iron storages accordingly. These should be your priorities, with researching Common/Uncommon hero section and starting to train some of those with the backpacks you assemble from map stages. Also, don’t leave empty spaces in your expanded base - always consider building those up first, well,probably except a second forge (you don’t really need that in the beginning).

  7. You should make it to province 6, map 7, and remain there autofarming for a long time. I suggest staying there until stronghold level 8, and farming and upgrading those 3* heroes you will get. 2* ViP normal daily summon can give you an occasional 3* hero, you can get an Epic Hero Token from even regular chest, or from an early elemental chest which is almost a given for any fresh account. So basically you need to stay there until you assemble either a full or at least a 4-strong rainbow team (meaning, 4 heroes of 3* or greater).

  8. (edited) You should fully ascend your starting Sharah (don’t forget that when she hits max, additional 1* feeder Sharah heroes help raise her special by 100% one at a time) and at level 15, emblem her on the defense path with 18 ranger emblems! Unless of course you pull an early 3* or higher healer - then replace her ASAP with a pull from the Red elemental portal.

  9. By the time you complete 7, you should have already a team of highly leveled 3* rainbow force, so you can now progress to 8-1 to farm there for the needed parts to ascend your 3* to the max tier. Afterwards you should be able to autofarm 8-7 and 9-1. Again, focus on Stronghold, Farms and Training Camps up to level 11, afterwards only on Stronghold up to 20 and a Training Camp to 20.


Thanks for the reply, Great about the invite, did not know that and it will surely help!
I was leveling up Bane to be honest but will start leveling up Sharan then.
I don’t have Facebook anymore ( I know, right?) nor am I going to subscribe to get a pull. Currently I have Bane/Layla/Sharan/Ragnhild and Aife/Derric as green.
My TC is at 2 already.

I am so glad I only have to focus on a few things. I always hated having to prioritize between building and what to do next!

Your advice is awesome. It really helps getting things clear again.

Likely off topic. Just want to thank those who were kind in the game and gave me the opportunity to play. I wish everyone the best. Still love the game and the good people I was fortunate to interact with. Blessings all.

Keep in mind that other buildings should be upgraded as well, but not at that high a priority. Like Watchtower, Iron Mines, and Food storages. For example, I noticed that my Iron/food storage upgrade ratio is something like 100/60. Meaning, if you have Iron storages at level 10, your Food Storages should be all at 6.

Forge is also important at some point, but leave it at level 12 for the time being, you don’t need it upgraded anymore. Bombs are the last important item you need to make for quite a long time.

Also by the time you can autoplay safely Season 1 8-7, you can autoplay all Common quests and the starting level (or in some cases, starting two levels) of the Uncommon and Rare quests as well.

There is a trick for quickly filling a raid chest with underpowered teams - just hang near an outpost on a S1 province (say, outpost at the end of province 9 or 12), don’t overtake it, but rather kill 4 out of 5 weak heroes there and run away. Rinse, repeat. That way you will always get your easy hero kills to fill that Hero raid chest and also for the path of valor as well.

Edit: I could give you a full chart of upgrading buildings for a fresh account, but that would take quite some time since it would require me to start a new fresh account and keep an exact track of building upgrades. Don’t have the time for that right now. But I gave you the general idea, it should suffice.

Edit: Upgrading Houses to level 5 is absolutely sufficient until you start going for that level 20 Training camp.

Edit: Because of constant raiding (and because food will be needed for many other things), Watchtower should lag behind Farms in a 3/2 ratio (meaning for example, level 12 farms - level 8 watchtower)

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Great info. Thank you Saros. I totally forgot about titans. Is it viable to not be in an Alliance, although I have been in Alliances before I don’t like the amount of pressure is put on me with posting rosters etc. I love the info about raids. Did not know that was an option. Am looking forward to playing again with a new approach .

Titans sadly are an important part of the game. As I see it, for a freshly new started player here are the options:

  1. Spare the gems to create your own alliance. I am afraid there was a level requirement for that, although can’t quite remember how much it was. Benefits from that: You get to hit a 1-star titan every day, not killing it, but collecting some food and iron and low-level loot when it escapes. This option however is not worth it IMO.

  2. Somehow get accepted into a worthy alliance from the very beginning. Keep in mind, no one wants complete newbies, they need someone who can at least hit a titan 5 times per day, inflicting at least 30k damage with those, so an average of 6k damage per flag. What can you do to achieve 6k damage? Simple as that, you need Valen. How to get Valen? Thankfully he’s included in the starter “Might of Ice” pack. How to get that if we are free to play? Not that simple since it requires 1500 gems. How to get them early if you are f2p? Only option is to make your fresh account free VIP pass for at least 30 days, which comes with some gems. And you will still probably have to wait a month to assemble those 1500 gems. Of course, you could try to go for Valen the regular way (training from TC 12 or pulling from Blue portal or Costume portal or any other portal) but the chances of getting a particular hero are small. Why exactly Valen? Because he is the best defense debuff early available hero you can get. Yes there are 4* def debuffers…at an average speed and also much harder to level up and ascend for a new player. Plus even if you have Grimm, Gormek or Tiburtus from a lucky elemental portal pull, again, average speed will have them charge later. And in a titan fight with an underpowered team what you really need is to increase damage by debuffing the titan’s defense ASAP. Valen gets charged only by 8 blue tiles and decreases the defense of a titan by 1/3, which is a lot. Some people could argue that an attack increase hero like Brienne is better. Wrong. When an attack-buffed hero dies, the buff dies along with it and that hero starts inflicting his base damage on the titan. But when the defense of a titan is down by 1/3, then any tile damage, even from a dead hero is increased by a lot.

If you have other def debuffers like Tiburtus or Gormek, in order to maximise their usefullness you will have to have them drink a lot of minor mana potions which is not good in the long run since you won’t have that many to begin with and you will need them at other locations.

So to summarize here:

You need to kill titans for various reasons - Path of Valor, titan chest, food, iron, gems, other materials, including a lucky roll for an unfarmable 3* ascension material. For that you need an alliance to accept you - one that is actually capable of killing their titans. None will want you for long unless you prove to be somewhat useful to them. Easiest way to prove it is by getting serious titan hits. For that - for starters - you need a rainbow team of any 3* fully ascended, and in that team the blue hero should be Valen. And to get Valen with 100% certainty, you need to pay 1500 gems for the “Might of Ice” pack. Which can happen earliest for a f2p player if that player works for a free ViP pass of at least 30 days and plays for at least a month without being part of an alliance.

Well, that’s how I see it at least, others may have a different opinion on that.

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One thing to know/remember. The number of buildings don’t change. I would love to have more farms and less houses, but in the end, you will end up with the same number of buildings when you get to the “end”.

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Thanks for the info. I will have a look around the recruiting if something is right for me when I am at a level to join of and hit titans.

One last thing. In order to be considered useful to your new alliance, you should not participate in wars until you have at least 20 strong ascended and leveled fully 3* heroes. So opt out of wars because otherwise the leader of that alliance may kick you out since you will be dragging them down in wars.

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So, I am level 13 now and have a Bane I can’t ascend due to Arcane Scripts, and another Bane. Sharan is max btw. I have made it to map 7.4 so far. One TC is at 5 and am using the low cost to train my hero’s. All my farms are at 6. And mt SH is also at 7.Have been leveling my Iron storage as well, otherwise you can upgrade your buildings. My question is really about the war. Do I make level 2 teams and participate?( I joined an Alliance). Right now I am focused on upgrading all my farms to 7, my irons storage to 5, to get my SH to 8.In the meantime I am farming on 6.7/6.8.

It’s time for you to go to Province 8 map 1 and autofarm that. I am sure you can go even further up to 9-1 and finish that as well, but you won’t be able to autofarm it yet.

On 8-1 you will be able to find all of the materials needed to ascend Bane and any other 3* hero to maximum.

You won’t be able to help your alliance in wars yet. I’m advising you to stay out of it or the leader of that alliance may feel you are dragging them down and kick you out. Focus only on the titans imho. To be helpful in wars, you need at least 15-20 strong 3* or higher fully ascended.

Edit: Don’t forget to finish all the easy quests you are given as well! (those are the common quests).

I am on 8.1 yet and I got an arcane script to level up one Bane. The Alliance I am has not spoken to me, I joined them when I saw a thread on the forum and I have tried to opt out of the war but it says: You will be able to opt out of the war after you have completed the tutorial for Alliance Wars.Can’t remember seeing that before.

This basically means that you have to participate in one war before opting out. That is the tutorial and it’s unavoidable. When that war is over, you can opt out.

There is a way to help your alliance even so. Just register a war defense team with a feeder hero (1* or 2*) included. Afterwards eat that feeder hero who is on the war defense team. Now your war defense team is illegal therefore not present on the war map. However you are still participating so that the opposing side will have one more person thus 6 more flags. Still better since you will be easy picking with your underpowered defense team and you won’t make a difference with your underpowered heroes even with all 6 flags.

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Thanks Saros, I will give that a go.

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