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You have 10 accounts?!?

Is it possible to allocate enough time to them to make progress?

I consider myself a pretty heavy user and running one account and co-leading one busy alliance takes up a good chunk of time every day.

Do you farm and level your buildings on every account?

Maybe you can share some details but it sounds like you’re spread very thin.

How many people in each alliance?

Sorry that doesn’t really answer your point but most people do 2 accounts tops as far as I know.

This is obviously a really important post to have been posted twice! :rofl:

I disagree sadly. I would not be half as interested if those were the rewards. That sounds too easy and I’d get bored. It’s the challenge and grind that make this game great for me. I’m FTP and I like that it makes you work hard. Your luck will come.

Yeah Bae I like the challenge also, but a bit more reward would be helpful, if you ask for the impossible you might get something. Glad there are others out there like me, happy gaming mate

Hi Lesley, It does take time, but is possible, I play when I can and have a system I use. I allocate the most time to the accounts I think need it, this changes each day. I do farm and level on all.

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