Is Guardian Gazelle the best yellow hero , offensive and defensive?

For me she is the best yellow hero

She’s not the best.

But she is a great hero, congrats on having her. Not really sure there is much depth to discuss here though so this post may get merged to an appropriate thread.

On offense she is, on defense I didn’t have issues to beat her up.

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Olmor is right on that. Titans and offense she is great.

On defense, you charge sniper(s), wait til she fires (dump tiles into her if possible), kill her immediately and drain all opposition mana. Almost impossible to lose at that point

So she is good, but not a good defender.

But please feel free to leave her in your defense because I might need to raid you at some point. :grin:

Depende de su posicion en un asalto , si la encuentras de flank , acompañada de un buen sanador , puede que no le ganes

It’s about a quarter past by my watch. You’re welcome!

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