Best Titan teams 2019

So a lot of new heroes have come out in the last 6 months and I was wondering about ideal titan teams. Not necessarily heroes you have but overall by element.

For example: I was looking at my team to attack holy titans and if I could improve it at all and realized I have Cheshire Cat who gives a -44% defense to holy enemies. I only had him at 3:60 so I went ahead and ascended him to 4 so I could get him a little beefier for Titans.

Since CC came out this year with wonderland it got me thinking of other new heroes that might be great on titans.

Any thoughts on team makeup for each element?


No perfect teams but the essential ones are

Power attack buffer: Tarlak/Ranvir/Wu
Defense debuffer: Athena/Isarnia/Kunchen/Santa/Grimm/Tibertus/Gormek/Buddy/Wilbur
Color debuff: Jackal/Arthur/Frida/Evelyn/Panther/Falcon/Cheshire
Attack buffer: Ares/BT/Kiril
Specialist: Albi/Ariel/MN/Hel/Joon/Drake/Aegir/Wilbur

Snipers like Lianna/Sartana/Marjana are not essential for titans but certainly having a team with high tile damage does. Of the vanilla 5* snipers, only Joon makes the cut and probably Magni for the defense buff.

Tile damage from at least a 3 color stack would be ideal.


What are your thoughts on Wilbur vs the pulverizors? He drops the titan’s defense more and I know that some people exclusively bring Wilbur, but for titans that aren’t as dangerous, I feel like a pulverizor in the color the titan is weak to would be better? As long as you don’t need Wilbur’s shared damage to survive.

Special mention for the hero I really, really want next month: Miki. He’ll be a great addition this year for those of us who don’t have Tarlak.

Since OP asked about heroes that were released this year that make the cut for titans: Kunchen, Frida, Ranvir, soon to also include Miki.


What is specialist?

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Specialist skills effective against titans.

Revive / Mana buff / Mana stop / Blind / Share damage


I have Frida and love her against Red titans. That defense drop against ice attacks is pretty effective.

Any other heroes have that same effect?

my Titan team was simple but works amazing , mostly i could get 20k-50k damage on *10 - *11 titan , around 15k-25k for *12 titan

Wilbur - Boldtusk - Elemental Debuff strong color - any hero of 2 Strong color

yeah i never use Wu , i prefer stable damage than high damge by randomness

replaced BT for Tarlak right now and able to get 30k-40k average damage easier.

my battle item is Dragon/Turtle Banner - Axe - Antidota - Mana Potion

never use Tornado , but use StopTime when fight Rare Titan

Look at the Color Debuff line in Airhawk’s post. They’re all listed there.

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Yeah, there are color debuffs. Ice is actually the only color that has two heroes for its debuff.
Ice: Frida, King Arthur
Fire: Guardian Falcon
Holy: Guardian Jackal
Dark: Guardian Panther
Nature: Evelyn

I’m still sad that I’m missing Evelyn :frowning:


A Pulverizer of the strong color is normally better than Wilbur. However Wilbur’s shared damage is often needed to survive against stronger Titans

I’m sad I’m missing Eve and Panther:(

What do you think of Buddy for a green pulverizor? Since his ability is the closest a green has…

And yeah, I was thinking the same thing about Wilbur. I read that some people exclusively bring him for defense down, and I thought a pulverizor strong against the titan would make up for the difference with the extra tile damage(plus it is easier to charge everyone evenly)

Buddy’s pretty good. I landed a 50k hit with him

I hope Evelyn comes back around soon… although, ideally not in the Atlantis summon. I have terrible luck there :confused: hoping hero academy will let me trade in these 7 Margarets

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I use Buddy against Ice Titans all the time. I think he’s pretty good too.

Leveling Buddy right now. What do you use for defense down against a dark titan? No pulverizor or equivalent in Yellow that I can think of?

I would love to get Evelyn if she comes back around too. I was still pretty new when she was HOTM and didn’t even understand enough to think about trying to get her.

My Dark Titan team consists of Joon, Wu, Guin, Chao and Li Xiu. It’s the only team that is mono color and I just started trying it out. But no defense down heroes here.

Same. I started in August 2018. I was really bad at the game then and didn’t realize how big elemental defense down was.

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i prefer to use Wilbur than Buddy , Wilbur also help your team to survive more

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