I'm going slightly mad - send help!

So I’ve been playing a short while and for most of that time I didn’t even know this forum existed!
As a result I’ve been doing what ‘seemed to make sense’. Probably a mistake, right?

Well now I’ve seen the error of my ways, I’ve been reading an awful lot about composition of teams and levelling up heroes and stuff, but I think I’ve now got information overload. I even made a spreadsheet. Paralysis by analysis!

So basically, i need help and opinions. I realise that focussing on one team for most of the time was maybe a mistake but now i need to make the most of what I’ve got. So, what do I do? Team 1 as shown is the team I currently use for pretty much everything - simply because they’re the strongest in terms of power.
And go…

Many thanks!!!

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Don’t worry, you’re doing well! You should always only focus on one character in each color at a time anyway, or else it slows your progress down significantly. Color-feeding gives the most exp so it’s faster in the long-run as well. As for characters to level, 3* are faster to level whereas 4* are stronger than 3* at third ascension so there are benefits to leveling one before the other. Personally, I would keep working on the 4* you have until you hit the AM wall, then move back to your 3*. You need at least 30 characters for war, and that’s where your 3* will come in. Also, to help you stack against titans and let your participate in the beginner tier of challenges. Now onto leveling:

Red: Finish out Kelile, then do Hawkmoon for the heal, Jahangir last.

Blue: Grimm is the best pulverizer, so keep with him, Ulmer since you’ve already started, then Valen, then Gunnar for the link.

Green: Belith is done, so move onto Brienne for the buff (you will want that for titans until you get Wu), then Berden, Friar or Ishhtak last

Yellow: Since Bane is done, I’d get Kailani going for another spirit link, then last Dawa

Purple: Since you are already done with Tyrum, it’s time for Rigard- his heal and cleanse will be your life-saver. After that, Sabina for the dispel. Then Balthazar.


Completely agree with pandahs advice and focus. I also agree with 1st choice in each of the colors to focus on. The second and third choices really depends on where you’re at, titan and alliance requirement.

Blue: Grimm => Gunnar => Valen/Ulmer - Valen and Ulmer are just 3* versions of Grimm with different focus (fast+single target and slow+team target) but you won’t ever use them except in wars/titan stacking early on. Gunnar’s spirit link can be situationally useful for you in events/challenges. He’s more durable than kailani making him a slightly favored choice on say the epic difficulty of monthly challenges or rare challenge quests. (He’s godlike on rare event difficulty, but you don’t exactly need him there)

Red: Keileli => Hawkmoon. I’d honestly keep red feeders in my lineup for another hero rather than use them on Jahangir. I’d also rather take any other red 3* and any number of copies of these other heroes than to raise even one jahangir.

Green: Belith => Brienne (if your alliance titan is 6* or lower), but level Berden first (if your alliance titan is 7* or higher). The 6/7 star divide isn’t really a hard rule but more personal impression. At around there, the titans will do so much damage to 3* heroes that you should mitigate titan damage before boosting your own to maximize titan score. Berden can help with that without forcing you to use your stock of axes and bombs. Tuck can be ok temp healer for your war bench. I’ve same view for Isstak as jahangir/dawa. Any other green 3* is better.

Yellow: Kailani is ok to raise. Dawa is always food!

Purple: Rigard => Sabina => Bal. Agree strongly here.

Not all heroes are created equal and dawa/jahangir/isshtsk are like the dredges of 3* heroes along with greymane/renford and maybe a few others I forget. You can raise them still (doesn’t cost that much food) but they are not really worth the feeders. You have enough heroes to work on that I feel you shouldn’t ever need to touch them. Even if you’re completely free to play, you’ll get other better 3* from the daily tokens.

If you do end up giving in and leveling dawa (you only have Kailani left to level in yellow color), well then you’ll see why dawa’s always food. :slight_smile:


Why is it that I always get 3star heroes from my training camp 20.I need stronger heroes from my training camp level 20.

3* has the highest probability. It will take quite a few pulls to get a 4*.

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Many thanks @RandaPandah & @RedKirby.
That’s brilliant. Extremely grateful for the advice (and the encouragement!)

I have 21 yellow feeders sat in my roster. I was waiting for a 4* yellow to use them on.
Should I keep on holding out for one or bite the bullet and work on Kailani?


You’ll get more feeders, and especially if you’re running out of space, I would just feed them to Kailani. You’ll want a spirit link at your disposal, and since it’ll be awhile til you get Gunnar going, might as well get Kailani ready. Who knows when you’ll get a 4* yellow, and even when you do, it shouldn’t take too long to reaquire those yellow feeders.

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Understood. Thanks again :smile:
Time to give Kailani some nourishment. She’s looking kinda frail… :canned_food:

I completely disagree on jahangir. He was my tank for ages when I first started. Pretty high attack, nice defense/health…Nashgar may be the only 3* with a higher attack stat. Yes, he has slow mana but he is still leagues better than Renfeld, Ishtaak, Dawa, Etc…I still use him in wars. He has served me quite well.

I’m beginning to think that TC 20 is a Caedmon machine.

1 more and I will be on the way to global domination :roll_eyes:

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