I'd like to improve my score on "Knights of avalon"

Hi guys!

Kings of avalon went great for me. In 1 day I completed all 3 stages.

1 thing I am not very satisfied about is my score… I would like to reach a high(er) rank than I reached now. So I decided to drop my heroes here in the forum and maybe with the help of you all I can advance to a higher level of points :slight_smile:

What would you do with these heroes? I accept all kinds of criticism, as long as it is respectful :slight_smile:

You can take a look at the teams of the top 100 (except those that leave “fake teams”), and see that they mostly use mono heavy hitters, and items are important if you go for high score (axes, arrows, medium and minor mana pots). These are the teams I used to reach top 1000 in rare:

Out of those heroes you have, you could go brienne, hisan, berden, isshtak, and you would need one more heavy hitter, and they would have to be maxed.


That is something I can work with, thank you very much!

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@PasasHill you hit top 1000 without using emblemed heroes? I’m super impressed.


@AdrianW2008 I end up 350-ish last event using costumed gunnar and 4 namahage, non emblemed.


You need to break the 10k rank for a reward improvement. And with your roster the best you can do is get experience and stay under 100k.
As PasasHill said, ppl want to push for score with mono teams: redoing one level untill they get a good cascade of choosen color so they can blast items and rush to boss stage.

If you want to up your score to go into the 10k during this event, give up. It would be a waste of your resources, as your bench is no tailored for the challenge. But, if you want to get some experience and stay under 100k, go ahead and enjoy the challenge.

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Reaching under 10k is not my goal. My goal is to get as far as possible, and if I get below 10k that would be a milestone for me :slight_smile: but as you say, I will do some experience, and maybe for next event I’ll ask the same thing BEFORE the event and not during :joy: you guys give me great tips and tricks!

So knowing this, knowing my stack of heroes and knowing in March it 'll be “pirates of correllia” were so I focus on?

Pirates reflect dark/purple. Red heroes (namahage/rudoplh/squire wabbit) would be best for that, in my opinion.

You also have 4 yellows (funny enough Dawa is actually good under this context). You could max out another yellow for a mono yellow. The only one I see on your roster is Kailani, which has low tile dmg but at least is a yellow (and you can use her on 3* tournaments where purple is denied), so she wont be a completly useless investment (even if in the long run you may switch her off for 3* Events).

For your red mono, max out your Rudolf follow by Azar and Nasghgar. They are your 3 reds with higher tile dmg.
Hawkmoon with a custom would be a nice and not to hard addition.

But from now on, you will want to keep Namahage, Rudolfs, Squires wabbits, Gatos even Customed Banes are an options nowadays.

And stuck as many as Axes, Arrows, minor and mana potions as you can.

Last but not least, and probably the best advice you can get around:

The video is old and it was made in a time before the Event revamp. But I would say that a lot of what is beeing talked stills hold true to today.