Ice ice baby!

Got a lot a ice! My maxed is kiril+9 triton+7 Grimm+7 Ariel is 4/49

I have a Athena Sonya boril Cod at 1/1
Have 3 scopes 4 capes
But I lack dispel but have a Sabina I can level, also lack padalin and cleric for quests. Athena is the obvious choice but should I Take others to 3/60

Who should my next project be?

Sorry I have a mind blank who is Cod?

A fish it’s nice in batter!
Captain of diamonds


If you lack dispel and Diablo pallys I would take my time to level Athena as a side project and focus on Sonya, sorta simultaneously



Have Sabina whos my next dark project so that helps me a bit on dispel side

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But Sonya hits. And fast vs average makes her a better option first… in my opinion. You’ve got heal between Ariel and Kiril.


Since you have a beefed up Grimm and don’t have 6 scopes you should focus on Sonya. Athena is one of the best heroes out there, but she isn’t going to do anything for you at 3.70 besides add some war depth. Sonya fills a valuable need and will be able to fully contribute when you max her. You cannot have too many dispellers, so both Sonya and Sabina should be leveled, along with Gandalf and Caedmon.


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