I want to ask top alliances for experiment

If some top alliance have around 20 Skadis and rest Krampus, can they use blue center for their next minion war?

I think Skadi will be OP center for this type of wars, because one round of minions + Skadi going = v1 Telluria’s mana slow and Clarissa’s level undispellable DoT.

I doubt it. Skadi is likely to be dead in the tank position before the first round of minions appears. She’s much better on offense, IMO.

Even at +20? I saw Skadi in raid defence, for me she is quite dangerous as flank of green tank.
I do not have many reds, and use blue MagniC-Lepus-Vela combo. And Skadi just devastates, if anyone will produce minion with Druid abilities.

  1. Yeah, she’s not particularly “tanky,” so a decent mono green team should kill her with three tiles. A decent mono of any color other than red should kill her in six tiles.

  2. And also, when she’s in the tank position, if she’s not killed by tiles first, she’s likely to fire before other defenders, and therefore not likely to kill any attackers.

  3. Finally, if an attacker brings any minion generating heroes:

  • If the attacker gets enough on-color tiles to fire before skadi, skadi’s likely dead from tiles already anyway.
  • If the attacker doesn’t fire first, refer to #2 above.

Skaid is much better as a flank or wing on defense, so her special can fire after some damage has alreayd been done to the attackers, or after the attacker has had a chance to generate some minions for Skadi to kill (which would be dumb, of course, and making lineup decisions about your defense, which include inherent stupidity on the part of attackers, is probably not a great approach).

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All that plus she dies instantly to Mitsuko. It’s a lot of fun.

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