Skadi and Limit Breaking

TLDR: Is Skadi a good candidate for limit breaking?

After seeing a video of @Mr.Spock testing out a limit broken Morel, I was convinced that most damage dealers aren’t the best subjects for LB, but Skadi’s gameplay revolves around she’s being able to kill minions, and right now a +20 full attack path Skadi can’t kill neither Bera’s or Freya’s minions, which limits her use a LOT, since those are the most commonly seen summoners in the current meta.

If LB made her able to kill those minions by herself, I would consider a good investment, because the rest of my roster (Raff, Vela, c. Magni, c. Isarnia, c. Richard, Misandra) doesn’t seem like a good fit and besides krampus, I don’t see so obvious candidates anywhere else.

But on the other hand, would LB be enough of a boost to make her able to kill those minions? What are your thoughts?

I’ve even seen one in the wild, but I have no way of contacting this player:


Skadi will be my first limit broken blue 5*, just because she is one of the few heroes where every single hp damage counts.
It doesn’t really matter for me if Alice or vela or who else does a little more damage or miki and raffa become a little more sturdy.

But with skadi it’s sometimes a close call, and at least when all those minion heroes are limit broken it will become a lot harder killing those minions without a limit broken skadi even with the help of kiril c or something similar.


I gave Skadi a Limit Break and very happy with it. Skadi is used on a daily base, mostly for raiding. Yes, Freya’s minions are still too strong for a one kill but when the minions are “hurt” a bit Skadi’s attack will kill them easier and faster.

Since the Limit Break most of Bera’s minions are killed in a one kill.

So, is she worth it? For me a 100% yes. She needed that extra attack to be even more versatile and usable than she was before.

My apologies, my English is not perfect but I think I made my point :grinning:


Definitely made your point and your english is perfect. Thanks a lot for the input. What troops are you equipping Skadi with? Maybe leveled troops could help with those Freya minions?


This is my most used raid team, gave Skadi mana 11 troops for nine tiles instead of ten.
My crit troops are at level 12 and no Ninja troop yet (fingers crossed for Ninjatower tomorrow :pray:)


Thank you so much for showing your team. I don’t think that 3% attack difference (lvl 11 vs lvl 21 troops) would be a game changer, but maybe ninja troops could help Skadi at the cost of one more match.


Definitely worthy, as extra boost of her attack means better chance at killing something and thus stacks. Once I get that last blue Omnislash, I mean Limit Breaker III, mine will get an upgrade.


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