I get by with a little help with my team

Hey guys,

Been lurking for a while, but I’ve finally got a direct question that I’d like some opinions on. After writing this, it looks a bit long. Please excuse the length of this question.

I’ve been playing for 1.5 years, but not spending a whole lot of money. I’ve only ever rolled one 5* (Guin, so I can’t complain too much). But I’ve got a few classic 5*s from running TC 20.

Here’s my current defense team:
Sabina 70/8 TG:7
Marjana 80/8 TG:9
Guin 80/8 TG:6
Boril 70/8 TG:10
Kadilen 80/8 TG:5

For offense, I usually swap Boril for Sonya (70/8 TG:10).

In the wings I’ve got
Quintus 70/8
Obakan 53/7 (tier 2)
Vivica 70/8
Joon 70/8
Leonidas 14/2 (tier 1)
Richard 57/7 (tier 2)
Lianna 9/8
Azlar 70/8
Khagan 70/8
2 more unleveled Marjanas, 1 more unleveled Azlar

Once I’ve got more poison darts, I plan on leveling Vivica to replace Guin on my typical offense. Eventually, I plan is to move Richard in for Boril and Lianna in for Kadilen. What would be the best replacement for Sabina: Quintus, or Obakan (or other in defense)? I’m definitely limited on epic ascension materials.

Also, for second string: Azlar or Khagan? I like Khagan, but I’ll have Lianna as ranger and possibly no barbarian.


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At first glance I’d say Obakan. Quintus is slower and along with Vivica would give you a slow defense. Obakan hits 3 and cast reflect on himself. Hopefully you’ll get another more solid purple before that point, but if not Obakan is my vote.

As for second string you might make that decision after version 30, Khagan is about to get a buff. I’d keep an eye on any posts about him once it goes through and see what others are saying.

Edit: I’m an idiot and can’t be bothered to reread…

Thanks for your input! I was leaning towards Quintus, but with Khagan getting a buff, Obakan makes more sense on purple.

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