Husband & Wife Seeking New Home

Hi @SigniDCaben19

I am also part of DeRaptors along with @Chadmo.

Me and my wife have both been part of the alliance for a few months and love it.

The only thing missing from list is that we dont use coordinated tanks, but there is at least some thought behind this, it was noticed that some players were having to put out a weakened team or unviable tank hero just to fit the colour requirements, whereas the current format means everyone can line up their strongest possible team as opposed to easy outs.

Btw playing with your wife you must’ve probably experienced the joys of this like me :rofl: :upside_down_face:


We (Assassins Inc) have Line, English speaking, chatty people that chip in with advice, we have the wise goat bot in Line which is super helpful (can explain more if you haven’t seen it before). Tanks for war are voted on to decide which is best for the whole group. we have a war stratergy and a good spread of members from across the globe so there is pretty much always someone online.

More info here Join us, Assassins Inc!

We have space and it sounds like you’d both be a great fit!

Join Clan Clan. We have 28 players and we can kill 9 or 10 titans. In wars, you and your wife can attack any time, we don t have rules. The chat is clean and this Alliance will not be a second job for you.


you can check our alliance ♤Witchers and Witches♤, and if you are not sure if this is a good place for you, we can invite you to our line group first and you can see if we are a proper place :wink: best regards

Hi!! We are a family alliance! And need serious members fight together with us! So come and check!

Throwing hat into the proverbial ring! :laughing:
Check us out at Fusion Fighters as it sounds we match what you’re looking for.

  • Family friendly: we have one couple on board.
  • Clean(ish) chat: can’t remember much swearing in chat.
  • Casual yet active: we consider ourselves ‘casually competitive’. Active on titans, all flags in (optional) war. Of course, life circumstances could affect activity levels.
  • 9-11* titans: Currently hitting 10*.
  • War strategy used: Coordinated tanks (currently green), with farming strategy.
  • Alliance growth: Currently 27-strong.
  • External chat app: Line, though very optional.

One of you could always pop over first to see if it’s the right fit. :slightly_smiling_face:

In any case, good luck with your search.

Where the Wind Blowz
It was created for my family so we could all play together during this pandemic. My husband and I, my son, cousins and siblings.
My grandchildren even play (8-14)
We are chatty, encouraging, friendly and clean chat. Worst word used is Butt…
Most of play the way an Alliance should for war and Titans but, we still have new ones learning how.

Hey, @SigniDCaben19, look no further, there’s no need, you found Ithilien alliance, we meet 99.9% of your requirements. We have three free spots, so you and your wife/husband are most welcome!

Notre alliance pourrait vous correspondre et inversement. Nous vous accueillerons avec plaisir a sans pities 2.0 alliance franco canadienne.

Seconded. We nice and active

Second post for alliance Inc. Seconded

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Check us out at Na Fianna Nua, I believe all of your requirement are met and we have 2 to 3 couples in our alliance.

Hi! I made a couple of posts on behalf of Akkadian Elysium in your last thread if I recall correctly. We are very much active still, and would love to have you guys try us out! Let me know if you need any further information (otherwise I think the things I wrote in the old thread still stands).

Ha! I hadn’t realised you’d screenshotted that. :joy:

Yup! Come join us @SigniDCaben19!

Come by and check out Guardians of the Fluff. We do meet all your requirements. There really is no way to know how well you’ll fit into an alliance until you visit. We’d love to have you. Come by and check out our family.

We at Crew-Barons have several married couples among us. Contact at Line: mpolo67

@SigniDCaben19 If you are still looking please consider Na Fianna Nua I think we check all of your boxes. We are a family like alliance with most of us being together for over 2 years already, we also have 2 other Mr & Mrs couples in our group. Were all mature adults with real lives so we like everyone to stay active but understand if something comes up.

Darkmoon TFC checks all the boxes and then some. Love for you to take a look

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You’ve probably already found a home by now, but Dark Souls has an open door for you… and anyone like you reading down this far.



Exactly what @Sid3ways said,

Here’s your home. We are considered family already.

Kind Regards

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